Sunday, February 14, 2010

18 Miles Will Wear You Out!

Yesterday was our 18 mile run. I don't know what the deal was, but this was so much harder than the 16 we did the week before. Neither one of us felt that great after about 12 miles. It was a struggle to stay with it, but we did it. I've never felt such pain in my muscles. I wanted to drop to the ground after we stopped running. I just didn't have the right attitude or something and the miles dragged on and my legs really hurt. I was really glad to be done with that run yesterday. It's kind of discouraging to feel like that and realize that a marathon is 8 more miles after that...8 more miles! I didn't think I could do one more yesterday. The only promise is that we do 20 next week plus 20 two more times after that and 16 two more times. I've got to think that it can only get easier from here the more we run these longer distances.

We ran our usual long run places on Riverside, but of course added 2 more miles. We had our last GU's at 7 miles. I wasn't a fan of the GU the first time, but it was ok this time. We also took 2 little water bottles with the Clif electrolyte drink again as well as the Clif Shot Bloks at mile 14. Still loving the Shot Bloks. This time we had lemon-lime flavor. The Shot Blok package did not love me though! I carried them in the waist band of my shorts and the edge of the package rubbed on my skin and made it bleed. That's my own fault though.

My thought at the end of the run yesterday was...thank goodness we don't have to do this again for a whole week! (We did run relatively fast for not running this distance before...8:14 mile pace for 2 hours 28 minutes total.)

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