Thursday, February 11, 2010

16 Miles And Counting

Our lives have been pretty boring as of late. In fact, we’ve pretty much had nothing going on. And because of that, the blog has suffered(or maybe no one looks at this blog anyway). Since we haven’t been doing much, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the few things that have been happening.

Last Saturday, we ran 16 miles as part of our marathon training(this week is week 6 out of 16). The furthest that Beth had ever run was 15 miles, so it was definitely a big accomplishment for her. I hadn’t run 16 miles in probably 3 years or so, so I was pretty happy as well.

For the run, we took two normal sized water bottles with us and left them in the car for after the run. Then for the run we took 3, 8 oz. bottles with us(ditching one bottle behind some bushes for later, 4 miles in). The two remaining bottles we filled with Clif Shot Electrolyte Replacement powder, lemonade flavor. It’s basically a powder that you mix with water and drink during exercise. We had never thought about something like this for our long runs, but are very glad we had it. The flavor was great and it definitely gave us a boost during our run compared to normal boring water. It will definitely be a part of our future long runs. After getting that ready, we had to get dressed and drive to Riverside where we run which is about 20 minutes from our house.

Six miles into the run, we had our first energy gel. This time we had PowerBar Gels for our run. Beth had tangerine flavor and I had apple flavor. Needless to say, Beth was not impressed. In fact, she had a hard time even getting the whole thing down. The flavor of mine was okay, but the consistency was a little off. The gels did give us a little boost, but nothing special. Overall, I would say that we probably won’t buy these again.

After 12 miles it was time for our Clif Shot Bloks(Beth and I were both excited about this). These were the same thing we had back during another one of our long runs, but this time we had the CranRazz flavor. These things are awesome! The downside is that the packaging can be a little tough to get into while running and also not as easy to carry with you in your pocket on a long run(I can put the gels in my “media pocket” on my shorts). But the great thing is, they have tons of flavor and tons of substance. You definitely get a boost after eating these and also feel replenished. On a 16 mile run, I burn about 2400 calories, so it’s pretty important to get some substance in while running.

The Shot Bloks helped us finish the last four miles and we were done! Our final time was 2 hours and 10 minutes with an average per mile pace of 8:10. When we got into the car, the first thing we did was get some Clif Shot Roks that we brought with us. They come in a package of 10 little protein “roks” that honestly tasted like Milkduds to me. Each “rok” has about 27 calories and 2 grams of protein. The flavor we had was Peanut Butter, but I couldn’t really taste the peanut butter in it a whole lot although Beth disagreed. It was nice to have something to eat after the run that tasted good, but was also good for us. I look forward to trying the chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors.

On the way home, we stopped at Braum’s and picked up some chocolate milk for when we got home. Braum’s is a dairy store/fast food place only found in Oklahoma and bordering states. Everything is produced in Tuttle, Oklahoma and super fresh. It is definitely one thing that I can say Beth loves about Oklahoma. And the chocolate milk literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake. It’s a great reward after a 16 mile run and also has some good health benefits too, according to Runner’s World.

By the time we got home, we had been gone for almost 4 hours. I never realized the process that goes into running 16 miles and also the time needed(not just counting the actual time running).

Saturday night we went to Oklahoma City for my friend Matt’s 30th birthday party. It was fun seeing a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while and also introducing Beth to some high school friends that she had never met. Sunday morning we drove back and got ready to watch the Super Bowl. We had fun watching the game, but unfortunately Beth got sick after the game and is just now starting to feel better.

This weekend should be somewhat quiet. Beth has a teaching exam that she has to take to get another certification and after that it’ll be time for an 18 mile run.

And…..the Amazing Race starts on Sunday night!!! It is definitely my favorite show and has been since its first season. I love watching the people get out of their comfort zone and interact with all different types of people around the world. I also love seeing the race go through places that we’ve been before like Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Istanbul.

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Just wanted to say that you guys have great travel photos and I totally follow your blog.


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