Monday, January 18, 2010

Marathon Training Week 2

Our second week of marathon training is done. And although we didn't exactly stick to our training plan, we did complete all of the scheduled mileage. We ran on the treadmill while in Ohio as well as one morning outside in the snow. Fortunately for us, the people up north know how to clear off the snow which made our run just like normal(although a little colder!).

Today we ran our long run for the week even though it was technically for last week since our long runs are supposed to be on Saturday and we were unable to do it. The 12 miles today weren't easy, but we did it and are making great progress in our training.

Before our run today, we went and strategically placed two small sealed bottles of water behind a rock so that when we got to the halfway point, we would be able to have water. During our run when we got to that point, the water was gone. Yes, the water WAS gone. In the 50 or so minutes between us placing this water and us reaching that point, someone walked by, saw the water, and decided that even though it wasn't theirs, they would take it. Are you serious? I wish I wasn't. There was a trash can nearby and when I looked, I saw our empty bottles of water. It was really disappointing to say the least. So we ran our 12 miles with no water. I don't understand people. How could someone take someone else's water that they obviously placed out there for a reason?

Needless to say, this how we finished our run today: NOT COOL

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