Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Tulsa

After 9 days in Houston, we are finally back in Tulsa. We had a great time hanging out with Beth's family and getting to see some friends during our time in Houston. But it also feels good to be back home.

We left Houston yesterday morning used to sunshine and warmer weather. When we got to our house, this is what we saw:

Needless to say, it was a rude awakening! It is downright cold in Tulsa! It was supposed to snow last night, but I don't think it ever really happened. On Thursday, the high is supposed to be 18 degrees with a low of 1 degree. Seriously, one degree. I'm not sure Beth knows what she got herself into by moving up here.

Yesterday on our way home, we drove through Canton, TX and realized that the monthly "Trade Days" was going on. We went to it back in September and thought about stopping for it again yesterday(Beth wanted to stop and get a puppy). Instead we just stopped at Paul Michael which is a favorite of Beth and her mom's at the Nutcracker Market.

We've stopped driving through Dallas on our trips between Tulsa and Houston. We instead drive to the East of Dallas avoiding all of the chaos and traffic of Dallas and trading it in for backroads and peace and quiet. The drive is really nice and you get a chance to go through some of the smaller towns of East Texas like Paris, Canton, Sulphur Springs, Athens, Palestine, and Crockett. In fact, driving around Dallas is actually quicker. You can make the drive in less than 7 hours which really isn't too bad.

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After getting home yesterday, Beth and I were starving! Since we had no food at our house, we were just going to make some mac and cheese to hold us over until dinner. Unfortunately we didn't even have mac and cheese. Luckily Beth's mom made us some coffee cake to bring home and we had that. Then before heading to the store, we stopped at Wendy's to get a snack. Beth and I were laughing because we hardly ever eat fast food and here we were eating it twice in one day(we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast). Oh well. Good thing we start our marathon training tomorrow!

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