Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Is Here

We have had no snow in Oklahoma, even though Houston got snow already! But it has been seriously COLD here! Low 30s during the day, 20s or less at night have become the pattern this week. However, we are still running. We joked the other day that we should start taking pictures of my outfits to go running because they were definitely more about being warm than being fashionable. Plus, it's dark, so who cares what I wear, right? The news around here is that Tony finally signed us up for our first marathon. We are no more all talk about this matter. We are officially running it. I think Tony mentioned that it's the Big Sur Marathon at the end of April in California. Training starts in January. Tons of hours running here we come!

In other news, we finally made something from the new Pioneer Woman Cookbook. We made this penne pasta recipe and it was SO GOOD! We both had seconds (Tony had thirds, I think) and had some left over for both of us to have for lunch today. We thought the sauce seriously tasted like a restaurant sauce and it was pretty easy to make. Here's a picture of the deliciousness. I could eat it again already! We are going to make the cinnamon rolls from her cookbook this weekend.

We are looking forward to Christmas break coming up. I get off of school next Thursday and don't go back until January 4th. We are going to Houston the Wednesday before Christmas and staying through New Years. We haven't decided what we are offically doing for New Years, but thinking about just going to a nice dinner or something. We can't wait to see our friends, some new babies, and family.

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