Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stick to What You Know

Today was my cooking comfort zone day. It was time to make some Christmas cookies. Yes, all we do is cook these days. I made chocolate chip cookies with holiday M&M's on top. They are so delicious. I used to use the recipe off the back of the Toll House chocolate chips, but that's until I found this recipe from Pioneer Woman (you'd think we're obsessed!). They have that fluffy texture and are a little thicker in the middle. Sometimes those Toll House ones spread out too much. These have so much flour in them, they're not going anywhere. My Mom has made these cookies ever since I can remember, and they are my Dad's favorite. He'll eat them for breakfast! (I'm not kidding about that, he really does.) My Mom ends up having to make them several times during the Christmas season because they get eaten up! We make them a little different because my Mom does one red and one green M&M on each, but we decided to go all out for the chocolate and put 4 M&M's on each!

Generally speaking, I think I'm a pretty good baker. I'm a much better baker than cook. That's why Tony does most of the cooking unless it's something that has a recipe. I guess I'm a good recipe follower. That's why I was pretty disappointed with the cinnamon rolls because I usually do ok with a recipe. Oh well, making cookies today boosted my baking confidence again. :)

Here are a few pictures of the Christmas cookies!

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Gina and Michael said...

Cookies for there any other time to eat them? That is a staple in this house! ;-) They look adorable!

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