Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are in Houston right now hanging out with Beth's family. It's nice to be in a little bit warmer weather for now. Tulsa got 6 inches of snow the day after we left for Houston. Although Beth was a little disappointed to miss the first snow, I think we were both glad to be down here in the sunshine.

Since being in Houston, we've gotten to eat at Willie's and Rico's, two of the restaurants we wanted to visit. Now we just need to hit the other 12 in the next four days. We also got to hangout with Beth's friends Alyssa and Sarah and their husbands(or husbands-to-be) last night. It was good to see them. Sarah has two little ones that are super cute!

We don't have a ton planned for the next few days. Just going to see some friends and hangout. Marathon training starts one week from today with a six mile run so we have that to look forward to. By week three, it was has running 14 miles. Should be fun.

There are no big plans for New Year's other than staying up until midnight. I know that sounds pathetic, but we haven't stayed up past midnight the past three New Year's. That's about it for now, will post more later. And possibly some pics.

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