Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Other than an embarrassing display of football by OU on Saturday night, this weekend has been pretty good. I left work a little early on Friday so we could go pick up a Ryder truck and head to Bartlesville. My good friend Shawn was nice enough to give us his dining room table, so we went to go pick it up. Beth and I didn't have a dining room in our last house so we obviously didn't have a table when we moved to Tulsa. Our dining room has just been empty for the past 6 months. And honestly, a dining room table was pretty low on our priority list of things we need for our house now. Now, thanks to Shawn, we don't have to worry about a dining room table. The table he gave us is great. It's a 70 inch round table that is super high quality. In fact, the top of the table is so heavy that it took three guys to move it(not including the base of the table). Anyway, we got some help moving it in to our house and here's what it looks like:

On our way back from Bartlesville, we decided to stop at Hideaway Pizza for dinner. After dinner, we went home, watched "The Office", and went to bed since we had to get up early on Saturday morning.

Last Wednesday, I saw online that Jenks(suburb just south of Tulsa) was having its annual half-marathon. I thought about it for a second and decided that it might be fun for Beth and I to run in it. The last time we ran a half marathon was January of 2008. In fact, we haven't even run 13.1 miles since then. So I asked Beth and she said it'd be fine to run in it and it was set. The race started at 8 a.m., which meant we had to be up around 6:30 a.m. to get ready to head to the race.

The race was very small. In fact, there were only about 190 people who participated in the half marathon. Last week there were over 8000 runners in the Tulsa Run. The weather was also a lot warmer this weekend. Instead of temperatures in the 40s, it was 62 degrees when the race started. This meant that about a mile in to the race, we already had a sweat going. It didn't help that the race had about 3 miles worth of hills. Anyway, we finished the race and overall had a good time. Our goal was to run under an hour and forty minutes. Unfortunately that didn't happen. I finished around an hour and forty two minutes and Beth finished one minute behind me. The results were still good enough for both of us to win our age group and for Beth to finish 4th among all girls. Not too bad for not training.

Last night we went and had dinner at Carrabba's. We love Carrabba's and couldn't remember the last time we had been. Overall, it was good. Not quite as good as going to the one in Houston, but oh well.

Today we have just been running a few errands and getting things done around the house. Beth is going to Houston next weekend for her annual trip to The Nutcracker Market with her Mom and Janet. I'm sure she'll have a great time and hopefully find some great stuff.

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