Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tulsa Run and the Suite Life

Beth and I have had a really good weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner to Los Cabos. It's a Mexican restaurant in Broken Arrow that we had been meaning to try for a really long time. My Mom bought us a gift card to there for letting her stay with us a few weeks ago. It was really nice of her to do that and very thoughtful of her since she knew we had been wanting to try there. Overall we thought it was pretty good. It was kind of weird that we had to wait about 20 minutes even though it was almost 8:30 p.m. by the time we got there. That combined with a somewhat obnoxious waitress, were the only drawbacks to the night. We really enjoyed our food and will definitely be going back. After dinner, we came home and relaxed and went to bed early since we had to get up for the Tulsa Run in the morning.

This year's Tulsa Run was better than last year on many levels. The first thing is, we got to sleep over an hour longer. Last year we were staying in Bartlesville and had to get up around 6:30, plus we had no idea what to do once we got there. This year, we decided we weren't going to get there too early and get stuck standing around in the 40 degree weather. We did however meet up with my friend Shawn and hangout with him before the race. With about 10 minutes before the race, we decided to head over and lineup in the herd of people. It was actually pretty warm as everyone was huddled up. We kind of pushed through the crowd a little bit, but ended up starting about 3/4 of the way back in the crowd. This meant that we had to spend the first mile or so weaving in and out of people, trying to get a good pace going.

The weather was perfect for the race. It was about 44 degrees when we started with sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Beth and I both felt pretty good throughout the entire 9.3 miles. We ran together for all but the last mile and a half. Overall, we both finished better than we did last year.

Beth's Results(based on chip time):

Time 1:07:26

7:15 minutes per mile

248th place overall(out of 3793 runners)

33rd place for women(out of 1798 runners)

9th place in age group(out of 288 runners)

Tony's Results

Time 1:06:05

7:06 minutes per mile

200th place overall(out of 3793 runners)

180th place for men(out of 1991 runners)

26th place in age group(out of 231 runners)

Before the Race

After the Race

After the race, we came home and relaxed a little bit before heading to Norman for the OU game. We were lucky enough to get two tickets up in a suite for the game so that was fun to get a little different experience. We had tons of food in the suite from prime rib to chips and queso to cheesecake and hot tamales. Needless to say we werent' hungry when we left. The other good thing was Beth could watch the Texas/Oklahoma State game on tv while I was watching the OU game on the field. Here's a picture of when we went down closer to the field:

Since we got home late last night from Norman, we took advantage of the clocks moving back an hour and slept in a little bit. After we got up, we made breakfast, read the paper, and just lounged around. We finally decided it was time to get to work and get our office organized. We bought new chairs about a month ago. Thanks to Mr. Dale, we got a new set of shelves with a media center from Crate and Barrel last week. So we spent today putting that together and getting everything organized. The house is slowly coming together.

Our new shelves in the office

A View of the whole office

Tonight we are having BBQ chicken from the Crockpot. I just took 3 chicken breasts and threw them in the Crockpot, threw in an onion, and poured BBQ sauce on top of it. And after 5 hours, it's time to eat shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches with homemade potato chips. What a deal!


afoos said...

You can also make ribs that way too...they turn out delish, with some mashed potatoes.

Liz said...

So proud of your running times at the Tulsa Run! You guys are AWESOME runners! I'm so impressed!!

Love, Liz Lawson

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