Saturday, October 17, 2009

Woolaroc Road Race 2009

Tony mentioned that we signed up for the Woolaroc run and the day has come and gone. This morning we woke up kind of early, 6:30 am, and made the hour drive up to Woolaroc. We posted about visiting Woolaroc over the summer, where we had that buffalo go right by our car! Anyways, the race this morning was an 8k, about 5 miles. Temperature was about 46 degrees this morning, so it was a little chilly starting out. It took me almost 2 miles to warm up! There were about 220 participants, so it's kind of a small run, more local folks. We got to run around the property on the entry and exit roads. There were quite a few more hills than we remembered! Several were pretty long, so that got us warmed up too!

The big news from the race is that Tony and I both won our respective age groups, which doesn't happen very often! Plus, they do cash prizes for 1st through 3rd place for men and women, well, yours truely got 3rd place for women! The prize is $25...which basically covers the entry fee, but still pretty cool! Tony joked and asked me if I was prepared to turn pro since I was accepting prize money. Very funny babe. We actually left before they did the results because we wanted to get home in time for the OU/Texas game. So one of Debbie's (Tony's mom) friends picked up our stuff and is going to mail it to nice of her! Tony's mom came a long with us and did the walk part of the event. She's been here all week. Will post more about that kind of stuff later. Here are some pictures from the day.

Also, you can click here if you want to see the race results online.

Tony & Shawn

The Wysocki's

Tony and his Mom

Tony finishing

Beth finishing

Our buffalo friends

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