Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oktoberfest, Pumpkins, and Meatballs Oh My!

Beth and I went to Oktoberfest last night. I would say that overall we had fun. Although it was definitely interesting and a great place to people watch. It was basically a bunch of huge tents set up with stages and then also booths selling food. And of course beer. It cost five bucks per person to get in and then you had to exchange money for tickets to buy beer and food. They had a ton of beer choices with German beers and American beers, but the prices were outrageous. The options were $7 a pint or $19 a pitcher for import beers and $5 a pint or $15 a pitcher for American beers. I can honestly say that I have never paid over $5 for a pint of beer anywhere. Especially not for weak Oklahoma beer. Even when I was in Germany with a less than favorable exchange rate, I could buy a pint for about $3. Anyway, needless to say I think we spent a lot less money than most people out there.

We did manage to hang around for a while and check things out. We got a pitcher of Warsteiner Premium which is a pretty good German beer and we also got a huge pretzel. There was tons of music and dancing going on as well and they even had amusement park type rides. I've always been a little skeptical about the types of rides that they set up and take down in only a few hours. Is this really safe?

Before Oktoberfest yesterday, we headed down to Riverside and did a 9 mile run. The weather was great and we ran on a path that we hadn't run before. We've come to realize that there are way more trails than we ever thought. As we start training for our marathon, it'll be a great place to do our long runs.

The Sooners had a great showing yesterday and I think we are finally moving in the right direction. Even without our starting quarterback, tight end, and running back, we managed to beat a ranked team at home.

Today we slept in a just relaxed for a little while before heading to the grocery store for our weekly shopping. We've started taking in other stores ads tot Wal-Mart and having them match the price. Up until last week we had never done that before, but it's easy to do and a great way to save money and keep yourself from driving all over town to get the best deals.

After the store we went to the mall for a while and then headed home to watch some football and carve our pumpkin. Right now Beth is in the process of making Apple Sauce Meatballs for dinner and I can't wait. She's made them once before and they were great. Supposedly it's a Lewis family favorite(especially for Mr. Dale).

Here are some pics of Beth making the famous apple sauce meatballs:

On a side note, Stacy played great in her first tournament in Asia. She finished in 7th place at 3 under par. Next week she heads to Korea for her next tournament. I'd give a link for the results but it's all in Japanese so it'd be kind of pointless. Below are a few pics of Stacy in Japan.

Meeting with Scoliosis Patients

Signing Autographs

The Driving Range!

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