Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Weekend

Here it is Sunday night and I can't believe the weekend is already over. Beth and I definitely maximized our time this weekend and got some much needed stuff done around the house. The biggest priority was of course our front landscaping. Since we started last weekend by clearing everything out, we decided to spend this weekend re-planting everything.

Our weekend started out pretty uneventfully. I didn't get home until about 6:15 on Friday evening since I had to meet with the inspector at my parents' new house. After getting home, Beth and I decided to go running and take advantage of the great weather. We ran a quick five miles and decided it would be a Hideaway Pizza night for dinner. So after we got home, we called and ordered the pizza and then went and picked it up. After dinner, we were both pretty worn out and decided to call it a night.

Yesterday we got up and just lounged around the house for a while. We finally decided it was time to start the landscaping. We went and checked out Sanders Nursery in Broken Arrow first, but weren't too impressed. It was way overpriced and none of the plants really looked that great. We then decided to check out Atwoods( a coworker recommended it). Have you ever been to Atwoods? Interesting place. You can buy everything from a deer stand to barbecue sauce to horse feed to work boots. Now that's what I called one stop shopping.

Anyway, we finally settled at Lowe's. We found some great stuff there and decided it was time to go home and get to planting. Because our flower beds are so much bigger than our Houston house, we completely underestimated how much we would need. So we planted what we had and decided to finish working on it today.

After planting we ran up to Walmart to get some groceries. We got home from Walmart and realized that we were missing an item. What was it? Ice Cream! Are you kidding? Of all things for them to leave out of our bag, it's ice cream. Luckily we went back today and got our ice cream. I hate it when that happens.

We watched the OU game last night and needless to say, not good. Oh well. You can't win them all, right?

Today we got up and decided to do a long run. So we headed over to Turkey Mountain in Jenks to do the run. We ran from Turkey Mountain up to 31st St. where we crossed the Arkansas River and headed back up Riverside. When we were done, we had run 11 miles and it felt really good. We packed a change of clothes and decided to run some errands after our run(yeah, we smelled real good!). One of our stops was Michael's where Beth got stuff to make a Fall wreath for the front door.

This was Beth's first try at making a wreath and I think it looks great!!!

We finished up planting today and unfortunately ran out of mulch. Once we get more mulch tomorrow, we will post some pics of the new and improved landscaping.

Beth's making manicotti for dinner tonight and combined with the chocolate chip toffee cookies that she made yesterday, I must say I'm one lucky guy!

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