Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oktoberfest, Pumpkins, and Meatballs Oh My!

Beth and I went to Oktoberfest last night. I would say that overall we had fun. Although it was definitely interesting and a great place to people watch. It was basically a bunch of huge tents set up with stages and then also booths selling food. And of course beer. It cost five bucks per person to get in and then you had to exchange money for tickets to buy beer and food. They had a ton of beer choices with German beers and American beers, but the prices were outrageous. The options were $7 a pint or $19 a pitcher for import beers and $5 a pint or $15 a pitcher for American beers. I can honestly say that I have never paid over $5 for a pint of beer anywhere. Especially not for weak Oklahoma beer. Even when I was in Germany with a less than favorable exchange rate, I could buy a pint for about $3. Anyway, needless to say I think we spent a lot less money than most people out there.

We did manage to hang around for a while and check things out. We got a pitcher of Warsteiner Premium which is a pretty good German beer and we also got a huge pretzel. There was tons of music and dancing going on as well and they even had amusement park type rides. I've always been a little skeptical about the types of rides that they set up and take down in only a few hours. Is this really safe?

Before Oktoberfest yesterday, we headed down to Riverside and did a 9 mile run. The weather was great and we ran on a path that we hadn't run before. We've come to realize that there are way more trails than we ever thought. As we start training for our marathon, it'll be a great place to do our long runs.

The Sooners had a great showing yesterday and I think we are finally moving in the right direction. Even without our starting quarterback, tight end, and running back, we managed to beat a ranked team at home.

Today we slept in a just relaxed for a little while before heading to the grocery store for our weekly shopping. We've started taking in other stores ads tot Wal-Mart and having them match the price. Up until last week we had never done that before, but it's easy to do and a great way to save money and keep yourself from driving all over town to get the best deals.

After the store we went to the mall for a while and then headed home to watch some football and carve our pumpkin. Right now Beth is in the process of making Apple Sauce Meatballs for dinner and I can't wait. She's made them once before and they were great. Supposedly it's a Lewis family favorite(especially for Mr. Dale).

Here are some pics of Beth making the famous apple sauce meatballs:

On a side note, Stacy played great in her first tournament in Asia. She finished in 7th place at 3 under par. Next week she heads to Korea for her next tournament. I'd give a link for the results but it's all in Japanese so it'd be kind of pointless. Below are a few pics of Stacy in Japan.

Meeting with Scoliosis Patients

Signing Autographs

The Driving Range!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Weekend

Beth and I had a nice relaxing night last night. A cold front came through and it really made us not feel like doing much of anything. We did however, manage to go eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Charleston's. We got a $10 off coupon in the mail a few weeks ago and it expired next week so we decided to take advantage of it. After dinner, we came home and just relaxed. We watched The Office from Thursday night and got a good laugh. I definitely think that this season is a lot better than last season.

Yesterday when I checked our mail, this is what we got:

Beth and I both got our miniature(and I mean miniature) #1 pins that we got for winning our age group and Beth received 25 dollars in cold hard cash for placing third overall for females. Way to go Beth!

Today we are going to head over to Riverside for an 8 or 9 mile run before coming back home to watch OU play Kansas. It's been a pretty disappointing season for Oklahoma football, but considering our three losses came to teams ranked inside the top 16 without our Heisman QB and All-American tight end, I don't think we have too much to be ashamed of. It is after all, Oklahoma Football and we'll be back.

After football, we are heading back down to Riverside for Oktoberfest. Supposedly Tulsa has one of the best Oktoberfest festivals in the country so I'm looking forward to it.

Beth's sister Stacy is in Japan right now playing in a JLPGA event. We got a chance to talk to her via Blackberry Messenger this morning. Sounds like she's doing well. She's currently in 7th place in this week's tournament with one round to go. She also got a chance to meet with scoliosis patients in Japan which she really enjoyed. Stacy's done a great job being a voice for scoliosis patients and showing that anything is possible even if you are born with scoliosis. After this, she's got a tournament in Korea and then heading back to Japan for one more tournament.

Next weekend is the Tulsa Run. We ran the race last year and had a great time. Hopefully the weather will be nice and it'll be another great run.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Woolaroc Road Race 2009

Tony mentioned that we signed up for the Woolaroc run and the day has come and gone. This morning we woke up kind of early, 6:30 am, and made the hour drive up to Woolaroc. We posted about visiting Woolaroc over the summer, where we had that buffalo go right by our car! Anyways, the race this morning was an 8k, about 5 miles. Temperature was about 46 degrees this morning, so it was a little chilly starting out. It took me almost 2 miles to warm up! There were about 220 participants, so it's kind of a small run, more local folks. We got to run around the property on the entry and exit roads. There were quite a few more hills than we remembered! Several were pretty long, so that got us warmed up too!

The big news from the race is that Tony and I both won our respective age groups, which doesn't happen very often! Plus, they do cash prizes for 1st through 3rd place for men and women, well, yours truely got 3rd place for women! The prize is $25...which basically covers the entry fee, but still pretty cool! Tony joked and asked me if I was prepared to turn pro since I was accepting prize money. Very funny babe. We actually left before they did the results because we wanted to get home in time for the OU/Texas game. So one of Debbie's (Tony's mom) friends picked up our stuff and is going to mail it to nice of her! Tony's mom came a long with us and did the walk part of the event. She's been here all week. Will post more about that kind of stuff later. Here are some pictures from the day.

Also, you can click here if you want to see the race results online.

Tony & Shawn

The Wysocki's

Tony and his Mom

Tony finishing

Beth finishing

Our buffalo friends

Monday, October 5, 2009


We finally got our landscaping done tonight. I stopped by Home Depot today on my lunch break and bought a few more bags of mulch. Unfortunately on my way home it started raining and once I got inside the house, it started pouring. Luckily the rain slowed down long enough for us to get the mulch down and snap a few pictures of our masterpiece. We are going to wait and see how all of these plants grow before we decide what else, if anything, we want to do.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Weekend

Here it is Sunday night and I can't believe the weekend is already over. Beth and I definitely maximized our time this weekend and got some much needed stuff done around the house. The biggest priority was of course our front landscaping. Since we started last weekend by clearing everything out, we decided to spend this weekend re-planting everything.

Our weekend started out pretty uneventfully. I didn't get home until about 6:15 on Friday evening since I had to meet with the inspector at my parents' new house. After getting home, Beth and I decided to go running and take advantage of the great weather. We ran a quick five miles and decided it would be a Hideaway Pizza night for dinner. So after we got home, we called and ordered the pizza and then went and picked it up. After dinner, we were both pretty worn out and decided to call it a night.

Yesterday we got up and just lounged around the house for a while. We finally decided it was time to start the landscaping. We went and checked out Sanders Nursery in Broken Arrow first, but weren't too impressed. It was way overpriced and none of the plants really looked that great. We then decided to check out Atwoods( a coworker recommended it). Have you ever been to Atwoods? Interesting place. You can buy everything from a deer stand to barbecue sauce to horse feed to work boots. Now that's what I called one stop shopping.

Anyway, we finally settled at Lowe's. We found some great stuff there and decided it was time to go home and get to planting. Because our flower beds are so much bigger than our Houston house, we completely underestimated how much we would need. So we planted what we had and decided to finish working on it today.

After planting we ran up to Walmart to get some groceries. We got home from Walmart and realized that we were missing an item. What was it? Ice Cream! Are you kidding? Of all things for them to leave out of our bag, it's ice cream. Luckily we went back today and got our ice cream. I hate it when that happens.

We watched the OU game last night and needless to say, not good. Oh well. You can't win them all, right?

Today we got up and decided to do a long run. So we headed over to Turkey Mountain in Jenks to do the run. We ran from Turkey Mountain up to 31st St. where we crossed the Arkansas River and headed back up Riverside. When we were done, we had run 11 miles and it felt really good. We packed a change of clothes and decided to run some errands after our run(yeah, we smelled real good!). One of our stops was Michael's where Beth got stuff to make a Fall wreath for the front door.

This was Beth's first try at making a wreath and I think it looks great!!!

We finished up planting today and unfortunately ran out of mulch. Once we get more mulch tomorrow, we will post some pics of the new and improved landscaping.

Beth's making manicotti for dinner tonight and combined with the chocolate chip toffee cookies that she made yesterday, I must say I'm one lucky guy!

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