Sunday, September 13, 2009

Highlights from the past 2 weeks

Well, once again, it's been awhile since we've posted on our blog. Here's what we've been up to.

1. Last Saturday, drove to Dallas for the OU/BYU game. Disappointing outcome for my honey's team, but it was a fun little trip. Not too far of a drive from Tulsa.

2. Sunday met my parents in Canton, TX for the Market Days shopping extravaganza. Huge flea market and different vendors set up shop for the weekend to sell everything you can possibly think off. Very hot weather, but a fun time. Couldn't believe my mom and I managed to get Tony and my dad to an all day shopping trip.

3. No work on Monday! Recovered from our trip and got ready for the work week. Even though it was only 3 days of work!

4. Mom came to Tulsa Wednesday night. Picked her up at the airport and got some dinner. Thursday she came and had lunch with me over at Kaffe Bona (great cafe in Jenks right by school). She also came and saw my classroom.

5. Thursday after work, mom, Tony and I drove to Fayetteville for the NW Arkansas LPGA tournament. Also, met up with dad and Janet flew in that night. We stayed with the Callahan family who lives right by the clubhouse of the course where the tournament was played (Pinnacle).

6. Watched Stac play golf Friday, Saturday, and today (Sunday). Did a little bit of eating and shopping...make that a lot of eating! Haha. They have a great set up for players and families at the clubhouse where they provide 3 meals a day if you want to eat there. Also, Mrs. Callahan makes some great food when we wanted to eat there. We had great weather...warm & sunny Friday, warm & cloudy Saturday, but cool today. They were expecting major rain, but it only rained for a few holes today and it was pretty light rain considering.

7. We also go to see Stacy's house that she's going to be closing on on Friday this week. It's our 3rd time to see it, but my mom and Janet has not been there yet. All of the former owner's stuff was moved out this time. Can't wait to help Stacy pick out furniture and whatever else she wants help with!

8. Got to meet the former CEO of Wal-Mart, Lee Scott. He was just hanging out with his wife at the Callahan's house. Tony had a moment. Have to say it was pretty cool to meet someone that was in charge of the largest company in the world. He retired in February of this year.

9. Decided that we are going to have the Lewis family Thanksgiving at our house in Tulsa this year! Will be going to Houston for Christmas though.

We will post some pictures from this weekend soon. We have a normal week this week and an OU football game to go to next weekend. That's about it from here for now!

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