Thursday, August 6, 2009

Officially a Jenks Teacher

The lack of posts is due to the fact I have actually started working again. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone and that it's already time to start back to school. I have to say this summer has been especially short since Texas schools get out later than Oklahoma schools, so I got about a week or two less than normal. It hasn't been a regular schedule yet, but every day this week I've had various meetings with people at the intermediate school where I'll be working and district type of stuff for new teachers. It's just as overwhelming as it has been the past two years being new to a district and re-learning everything. I am SO ready to stay at a school for more than a year! I'm not very stressed out about it though because I know it all works out fine in the end and you always find your people to go ask about things.

I'm going to be teaching 6th grade math, science, and pre-algebra. I've already met with fellow teachers to go over curriculum type stuff. Now it's down to moving in, which is tomorrow. The school has had a bunch of renovations this year and no one has been able to go into the building this summer. So everyone is going to be frantic tomorrow trying to get things in and organized. I'm hoping Tony will be able to help me either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday because I have a lot of boxes that we brought. I'll be glad when those are gone from the guest room! Needless to say there are some heavy ones, so hopefully that will work out. To add to all the moving in stuff, I have to take a certification test on Saturday at noon. Oklahoma has 3 certification tests, Texas has 2, so I have to take another test to be fully certified. I have 2 years to do this because I'm temporarily certified for 2 years, but with our relocation package they reimburse my job expenses within the first year. Tests ain't cheap, so I'm going to go ahead and get it out of the way.

So that's what the next few days look like for me. School actually starts next Thursday. Lots to do before then!

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Mrs. Keramidas said...

Hey Beth! Hope the school year got off to a good start! -Tori

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