Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This past weekend marked the ending of painting our house! Beth's Dad was nice enough to come spend the weekend with us to help us finish. Luckily we only had three rooms left and were able to get them all done. We painted our two spare bedrooms the same color as the other common areas in our house. And we painted our master bathroom a blueish color. Since we just painted our last house in Houston last year, we were very experienced in not only picking out colors, but also figuring out the best way to paint. (Not to mention Beth's Dad is a painting expert)

On a side note, we ate very good this weekend. Friday night we went to The Brook on Brookside(One of my and Beth's favorites!). And on Saturday night we ate at Hideaway Pizza(another favorite). I think we've convinced Beth's Dad that there really is good food in Tulsa. Speaking of good food, we have yet to find any good Mexican food in Tulsa. We've been to Ted's, Abuelo's, and El Tequila so far and have been disappointed each time. Any other suggestions? Coming from Texas, we're used to the good stuff and have yet to find it.

Anyway, we'll post some painting pictures soon and hopefully write more when we get a chance.

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Mrs. J said...

you gotta try Los Cabos- there's one at RiverWalk and also in BA. It's great.

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