Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's play some Corn Hole!!!

Beth and I were first introduced to corn hole about 3 years ago when we went to Ohio for a golf tournament.(At least I had never played it before) This summer, our games of corn hole got pretty serious up in Ohio(with Dale and I dominating everyone of course) and we decided it was time to get a set of our own. After playing again during our trip to Portland, I went on a search to find a good set.

We had first thought about making our own but as we figured out how much it would cost and the hassle of it, I found a great website that you could build your own set and have it shipped to you. Today, our new corn hole set arrived!

I got a "rivalry" set which means each board is a different color from opposing teams. As you can tell, one board is burnt orange and one is crimson and cream. To go with the Alma Mater theme, I got dark green and light blue bean bags which match Beth's high school alma mater, The Woodlands High School Highlanders and my high school alma mater, the Bartlesville High School Bruins. I think I know what we'll be doing this weekend. Playing Corn Hole!!!!!

I've also included a couple pics from our painting. The first one didn't turn out that great because I couldn't get the flash to work. The second pic is of one of our guest bedrooms. As you can tell, there's not much in the room(a bed, a tv, and a desk).

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Anonymous said...

hey! those are not as crazy colors as i was thinking, haha :) ps i like the top picture, that must have been one good photographer! love yall!


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