Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Skype Me

Beth and I started using Skype last summer when Janet(Beth's sister) was over in France for study abroad. I had heard about using the internet as a video phone before but every experience I had ever had was slow and boring. The video feed was terrible and the delay was so bad that it didn't even make it worth your while. But now that Skype is around, I've definitely changed my tune. It has really given us the chance to talk to my sister and the kids nearly every week and actually get to see them while we're talking to them. And did I mention that it's free? A free phone call to France is pretty nice. It was also nice for Beth and I during our 4 months of being in separate cities. Sometimes just seeing each other(even if it is on the computer) makes you feel closer. Yesterday we got a call from my sister and the kids and enjoyed hearing what they were up to. We don't get to visit them as much as we'd like, but at least we get to see them nearly every week.

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afoos said...

I'm glad it's just a still shot and not the action/sound effects- geez those kids were wound up yesterday! But they were so happy to talk to you!

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