Saturday, August 8, 2009


I like to drive fast. And for those who know me, this isn't really much of a confession at all. In fact, those who know me and either A. know how impatient I am or B. have ridden with me, to say I like to drive fast is an understatement.

I will admit though that as I've gotten older, I've definitely started driving closer to the speed limit and in fact probably drive the speed limit(or maybe just a tad over) more times than not. And now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that Beth was the last one of the two of us to get a speeding ticket. It's been about 3 and a half years for me, but maybe only 3 years for Beth.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to Germany and drive on the autobahn. A lot of people think that the autobahn is a special road in Germany with no speed limit. Really though, the autobahn is just the german word for the federal highways in Germany. And not a specific name given to a certain stretch of road. It would be like an Interstate in the US(think I45 between Dallas and Houston just without a speed limit).

While in Germany, I must admit that I had a ton of fun driving between the many cities we visited. The top speed I drove was 155 mph with an average speed of about 130 mph. The great thing about driving in Germany is not only the lack of a speed limit, but also that everyone there knows how to drive. They know that unless you are going faster than EVERYONE else or passing someone, the left lane shouldn't be driven in. You didn't have to worry about traffic because everyone was driving in the right lane. If you wanted to pass, you just passed them. I can't wait to take Beth to Germany someday and not only show her around but drive on the autobahn again.

Fast forward to now when we are living in Oklahoma. I literally almost have a nervous breakdown on a daily basis as I drive to and from work. Not only do Oklahoma drivers drive slow, but they also drive slow in the left lane, the middle lane, the right lane, and any other lane that can be filled with slow drivers. If the speed limit is 65, count on most people driving 60....and in the left lane. So not only are you driving under the speed limit, you can't pass because there are cars in every lane! This absolutely drives me crazy. In fact, I've even said before that if I was ridiculously rich, I would spend the money on a national PSA about driving in the left lane. Beth knows how much I hate this and likes to joke that it is a "pandemic." It's funny, but may actually be true. The definition of pandemic is "an epidemic over a wide geographical area" and based on my experience, this holds true. I have a close friend that even told me that he drives under the speed limit to save gas(thus saving money). I told him that if he lived in Houston, he'd either get shot or beat up.

When I pass a slow driver in the left lane, I'm always fascinated to see what they are doing. I want to know how someone could be so clueless. In Oklahoma I've noticed people texting, on their cell phone, talking to their passenger, or just not paying attention to the world around them as reasons for slow driving.

So what's my point? Not sure if I have one really. Most people I talk to about this problem, complain just like I do(maybe not quite to the same extent). Which leads me to believe that either everyone I talk to never drives slow in the left lane or people do it and just don't know it. My thought is the latter. So this is all I the speed limit and stay out of the left lane unless you are going faster than everyone else or passing someone. After all, if you took drivers ed.(like I did), it's something you were supposed to have been taught.

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Christie said...

LOL! That is hilarious Tony! I have the exact same feelings toward people driving in the left lane under the speed limit. It's good to know I'm not the only one. =)

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