Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beth the Baker

Beth got a bread recipe last weekend from a friend of ours and decided to give it a try today. When it comes to cooking, Beth does all of the baking in the house because I don't have the patience to measure everything out(which is required in baking). I prefer cooking when I can just throw random ingredients together and make something good out of them. I don't have to worry how many tablespoons I put in. Anyway, the bread Beth made was Italian bread with a bunch of different herbs. The final product was pretty darn good, I must admit.

We had a pretty good weekend although pretty uneventful. Friday night we just hungout and had dinner at Charleston's. Ever since I took Beth there for the first time, we've been hooked. I think that was our third time to go there in the past few months and considering we haven't had many weekends in Tulsa, that's quite a few. Yesterday I got up and went and played golf with my good friend Matt T. I've known Matt since I was about 8 and we were roommates our freshman year of college. I've started playing golf a little bit more lately and was pretty excited when I shot an 86 on Saturday.

Last night, we had Matt and his girlfriend over along with my friend Seth and his wife Karen over. We just hungout, grilled out, and played corn hole. Beth and I bought a patio set at Garden Ridge a few months ago and it was the first time we got to use it. It was a lot of fun for us all to get together. We had planned to go to the Hard Rock Casino after dinner to check it out, but it ended up getting late and we decided to pass.

Today we got up and just hungout around the house. Then we went and ran a few errands before coming back and watching golf(Beth's favorite). Stacy had a pretty good weekend at the Safeway Classic in Portland and we can't wait to watch her play in person at the Northwest Arkansas LPGA tournament in a couple of weeks. After watching golf, we decided to go play some tennis and then go running. Beth and I decided on an impulse last weekend to buy tennis racquets and start playing tennis. I must admit, Beth has gotten a lot better since the last time we played. Which is a little surprising considering I don't think she's played since the last time we played. Oh well.

On a side note, my sister and her husband are getting ready to be the proud owners of a new house in the French countryside west of Paris. They stumbled upon a great house that they instantly fell in love with. And fortunately for them, it was in their price range, and their offer was accepted. Beth and I are really excited for them and the kids and can't wait to get over there to see it in person. You can check out my sister's blog here.

Next weekend we are headed to Dallas for the OU/BYU football game. Should be a good time to hangout with friends and watch a great football game at the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.

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