Saturday, August 8, 2009

1 Year!

I'm not sure if Beth ever wrote about this so I figured that I would really quickly. Beth and I celebrated our one year anniversary two weeks ago on July 26th. We were actually coming back from Portland on the day of our anniversary so we couldn't really celebrate a whole lot. Although we did go out to dinner at TGI Friday's at the airport in Minneapolis. Talk about romantic!

The night before, we celebrated our anniversary at this great tapas restaurant in Portland called Toro del Bravo. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are heading to Portland. The white sangria was great and it was kind of fun trying a bunch of different things.

(On a side note, I do have a few other recommendations if you are in Portland. White Water rafting with Zooraft, breakfast at Pine State Biscuits(the best biscuits around although a little expensive), Byways Cafe for breakfast, and Stumptown Coffee(you can get it at some of the restaurants, but they also have a few cafes in Portland as well))

After getting back from Portland, I decided that we could do a mini celebration of our anniversary on Monday after I got done with work. I know that one of the main ways that couples celebrate their one year anniversary is by eating the topper of their wedding cake from the year before. Unfortunately for Beth and I, this wasn't possible as we lost our wedding cake last September when we lost power for 16 days following Hurricane Ike. So instead of eating our own wedding cake, I decided to get a cake similar to ours from a local bakery. We also had a bottle of Champagne that I had bought last year for our wedding, but that we didn't end up drinking. There's a flower shop in my office building so I stopped and got some flowers on the way out the door and we had a nice enjoyable anniversary celebration.

Since it has been a year since we got married, I figured I would do a quick year in review. Over the past year either Beth, myself, or both of us have done the following:

  • Traveled to 4 different countries(Thailand, China(Hong Kong), France, and Belgium)

  • Changed jobs twice(Beth started at a new school last August and is now starting her third year of teaching at her third school)

  • Sold our first house

  • Bought our second house

  • Moved over 500 miles

  • Gone to New York City

  • Went to the Orange Bowl

  • Lived apart for 4 months

  • Painted our entire house(with a little help of course...thanks Dale and Carol!)

  • Bought season tickets to OU football!!!!

And realized how much we love each other and hated living apart after finally moving back in together in June after living in separate cities because of our jobs.


Mrs. J said...

happy anniversary!! It certainly has been a busy year for ya'll. Wishing you a happy 2nd year as well!

Gina and Michael said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

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