Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend in Portland

Here are pictures from our trip to Portland. We went there last weekend for Jacob & Mindy's wedding. Jacob was Tony's best man in our wedding and they have been friends for a really long time. Tony was also Jacob's best man.

We left for Portland on Wednesday afternoon and arrived there around 6:30 pm. We checked into our hotel, grabbed a bite to eat, and then went back to the airport to pick up 2 more of the groomsmen, Matt & Jake. We were all pretty tired from the time change, but managed to go to a bar/restaurant for a drink and something to eat for the guys who came in later.

Thursday Tony & I got up for a nice run along the Willamette River front park in downtown Portland. Breakfast was next because we had to go to the wedding rehearsal at noon. Tony remembered hearing about a place called Pine State Biscuits, a tiny, hole in the wall looking place with awesome biscuits. Everything was organic there and they had a line out the door! Luckily we got there just in time before the line got too long. We had great bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits and then took Jacob to run errands and go to the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, Mindy's aunt had everyone over for lunch. Some people got in the pool, but Tony mostly played corn hole & basketball with the other guys. After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner at Spaghetti Factory. We were there for a couple of hours and then went with the the guys to a brewery/restaurant in the Pearl district downtown. We had a busy day and were pretty ready to get back to the hotel. We had a big day Friday.

Friday morning we left the hotel at 7:15 am to make the 1 hr 15 min drive to the White Salmon River in Washington for some white water rafting. It was a beautiful drive! We had a group of 10 for the trip, which we split into 2 rafts, and got dressed in our wetsuits and what not to get ready for the rafting. The trip was about 2 hours and started out with some pretty good white water! The water was freezing, but it was really pretty scenery. The rafting was not as scary as I thought it was going to be, which was good. And by the end of the trip, it was mostly calm waters so we just relaxed for the last 30 min or so. We had a great time and everyone was glad Tony had organized the trip. We stopped off in a small town for lunch before heading back to Portland. We had to make sure to get Jacob back for his wedding! No worries though, we had plenty of time.

The wedding ceremony and reception were Friday night. It was at an arboretum in Oregon City...all outside, but the weather was great. Not like Texas or Oklahoma where you'd be dying outside all night. Jacob and Mindy looked like they had a great time and everyone joined in the celebration. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous that they are in Costa Rica on their honeymoon! We missed out on a real beach vacation this year.

Saturday we decided we were going to celebrate our anniversary and stay an extra day in Oregon before heading home. We wanted to spend the day together, just sightseeing and hanging out. So we wanted to go see the Oregon coast and made the drive out to Cannon Beach. We hit some traffic and took a detour through some other towns, but got to drive along the ocean for part of the way. We didn't mind that much. Once we got to Cannon Beach, we were surprised to see how cloudy it was. There were these low clouds all along the beach to where you couldn't even see the ocean or the houses on the beach once you were down by the ocean. It was pretty crazy. Plus the water was freezing! We couldn't figure out why so many people were out on the beach and even getting in the water! Sadly we didn't get the full picture of the beach and Haystack Rock where Goonies was filmed because of all the clouds. We got some coffee in town, walked around to some shops (the candy store was our favorite!), and had a little bit of lunch before heading back to Portland.

Once we got back to Portland, we had some time before dinner and decided to go for a run. We wanted to do a naturey run that we don't get to do in OK. We found Forest Park just outside downtown. It had miles of trails in the hills on the west side of Portland. We had a great run! It was not easy since they were trails, it was really hilly with a dirt and rock path, but tree covered with streams and great views. I have to admit I was still sore yesterday from running all the hills. It was insane!

Saturday night we went out to dinner for our anniversary to a tapas style restaurant that Tony had found online before we left. Tapas is a Spanish style of eating where it's small portions that your share several of. We had the best sangria and a few different delicious dishes...some kind of fried cheese & zucchini, salad, bread, bacon wrapped dates, and paella. It was a great anniversary dinner!

On our actual anniversary we spent most of the day getting back to Tulsa. We did manage to grab some breakfast at a cool diner style restaurant not far from our hotel before we headed to the airport. It was a great weekend trip to Portland. We were so happy to be there for Jacob & Mindy and also to have a little getaway this summer.

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