Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit to Woolaroc

Ever since I met Tony, I've heard about this Woolaroc place. It's come up in random conversations here and there, Andie & Etienne took Gab & Louise, and there are signs for it in Bartlesville. So I knew the basics...that it was a ranch that Frank Phillips, who started Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, owned and frequently visited. (Sorry, Tony's family, I know you guys know all about this already.) Well, we decided to take a trip up there last weekend because our friends, Jacob & Mindy, went there before they came to have dinner with us on Thursday. So they were talking all about it. Tony had been before, so he kind of told me more about it too. At Woolaroc there is a petting zoo, free roaming animals, museum, and the Phillip's lodge on a couple 1000 acres of land.

We started our trip off by paying for our ticket, we drive about 5 minutes, I'm looking off to the sides looking for animals, and all of a sudden Tony stops the car and says "Oh my gosh, look!" In front of us, coming down the road is a buffalo! Straight at us! This is what we saw...

We saw some other animals-deer, llama, ostrich, a longhorn-all roaming around the land around the house. The ostrich were right up against the the fence. We thought they looked pretty crazy with the beaks open.

The museum was probably the coolest part besides the buffalo encounter. We found out that it started as Frank Phillips' personal collection. There was a ton of Native American artifacts and artwork, animal heads, a large gun collection, lots of Phillips memorabilia and history, cowboy stuff, furniture, to name a few! It was quite a collection, while a lot of the items were Phillips', people also donated whole collections to the museum.

After we visited the museum, we walked down to the lodge. Woolaroc stands for woods, lakes, and rocks just like the landscape of the ranch. Here are some pictures of the lodge and the view from the lodge.

One of the lakes when we drove in.

We did not visit the petting zoo after Jacob & Mindy told us that it was in a barn and smelled really bad. Plus it was hot! That was the only thing we didn't see at Woolaroc. I was really glad that we went out there...learned some more about Oklahoma culture and got to see the pretty landscape. I'm looking forward to more day trips like that.

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frasertown said...

Thanks for your kind comments and I am glad that you were able to enjoy some of the "magic" of Woolaroc! There is something special behind each and every corner of our 3,600 plus acres. I hope that you will come to visit again soon!

Bob Fraser, CEO
Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

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