Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Portland

We got back from Portland last night around midnight. We flew from Portland to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Tulsa. I'll post pictures from our trip as soon as I get them all organized. We also went on a white water rafting trip, so I have to get the pics from the water proof camera too.

I had one main thing on the agenda today (my last week before school stuff starts!). Two weekends ago we went to Lake Tenkiller to see one of Tony's roommates from college. His wife gave me a "starter bag" for Amish bread. I had heard of this, but never done it before. You have a "starter bag" with some ingredients in it and you take care of it for 10 days. Some days you have to add ingredients to the bag, some days you just mush the bag, and let out any air that's in there. I have to admit, it smelled really bad because it's fermenting (making yeast). But, we knew it was going to taste good because we tried it with Chris & Liz at the lake.

So I'm a couple days overdue because we were out of town, but I had to make the finished product today. I added all my ingredients, made 4 new starter bags, and baked. You're supposed to pass off 3 of the bags and keep one for yourself. If you live in Tulsa and want one, please let me know! I don't really know who to give them to at this point. I'm excited for Tony to get home so we can try it tonight!

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