Friday, July 31, 2009

For the Birds

I just took these pictures of the gutters around our front entry way. One is of the right side, one of the left. We have so many stinking birds that sit on our house it's getting ridiculous! I'm not really a bird hater, but they are on our house 24/7! Sometimes its on the back porch, sometimes all around the front...just hanging out on the gutters, pooping all over. We don't really have any trees around our house yet because it's been too hot to do landscaping. So I don't know if that's it or what, but I don't see the birds on anyone else's houses. Help! We are getting attacked!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend in Portland

Here are pictures from our trip to Portland. We went there last weekend for Jacob & Mindy's wedding. Jacob was Tony's best man in our wedding and they have been friends for a really long time. Tony was also Jacob's best man.

We left for Portland on Wednesday afternoon and arrived there around 6:30 pm. We checked into our hotel, grabbed a bite to eat, and then went back to the airport to pick up 2 more of the groomsmen, Matt & Jake. We were all pretty tired from the time change, but managed to go to a bar/restaurant for a drink and something to eat for the guys who came in later.

Thursday Tony & I got up for a nice run along the Willamette River front park in downtown Portland. Breakfast was next because we had to go to the wedding rehearsal at noon. Tony remembered hearing about a place called Pine State Biscuits, a tiny, hole in the wall looking place with awesome biscuits. Everything was organic there and they had a line out the door! Luckily we got there just in time before the line got too long. We had great bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits and then took Jacob to run errands and go to the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, Mindy's aunt had everyone over for lunch. Some people got in the pool, but Tony mostly played corn hole & basketball with the other guys. After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner at Spaghetti Factory. We were there for a couple of hours and then went with the the guys to a brewery/restaurant in the Pearl district downtown. We had a busy day and were pretty ready to get back to the hotel. We had a big day Friday.

Friday morning we left the hotel at 7:15 am to make the 1 hr 15 min drive to the White Salmon River in Washington for some white water rafting. It was a beautiful drive! We had a group of 10 for the trip, which we split into 2 rafts, and got dressed in our wetsuits and what not to get ready for the rafting. The trip was about 2 hours and started out with some pretty good white water! The water was freezing, but it was really pretty scenery. The rafting was not as scary as I thought it was going to be, which was good. And by the end of the trip, it was mostly calm waters so we just relaxed for the last 30 min or so. We had a great time and everyone was glad Tony had organized the trip. We stopped off in a small town for lunch before heading back to Portland. We had to make sure to get Jacob back for his wedding! No worries though, we had plenty of time.

The wedding ceremony and reception were Friday night. It was at an arboretum in Oregon City...all outside, but the weather was great. Not like Texas or Oklahoma where you'd be dying outside all night. Jacob and Mindy looked like they had a great time and everyone joined in the celebration. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous that they are in Costa Rica on their honeymoon! We missed out on a real beach vacation this year.

Saturday we decided we were going to celebrate our anniversary and stay an extra day in Oregon before heading home. We wanted to spend the day together, just sightseeing and hanging out. So we wanted to go see the Oregon coast and made the drive out to Cannon Beach. We hit some traffic and took a detour through some other towns, but got to drive along the ocean for part of the way. We didn't mind that much. Once we got to Cannon Beach, we were surprised to see how cloudy it was. There were these low clouds all along the beach to where you couldn't even see the ocean or the houses on the beach once you were down by the ocean. It was pretty crazy. Plus the water was freezing! We couldn't figure out why so many people were out on the beach and even getting in the water! Sadly we didn't get the full picture of the beach and Haystack Rock where Goonies was filmed because of all the clouds. We got some coffee in town, walked around to some shops (the candy store was our favorite!), and had a little bit of lunch before heading back to Portland.

Once we got back to Portland, we had some time before dinner and decided to go for a run. We wanted to do a naturey run that we don't get to do in OK. We found Forest Park just outside downtown. It had miles of trails in the hills on the west side of Portland. We had a great run! It was not easy since they were trails, it was really hilly with a dirt and rock path, but tree covered with streams and great views. I have to admit I was still sore yesterday from running all the hills. It was insane!

Saturday night we went out to dinner for our anniversary to a tapas style restaurant that Tony had found online before we left. Tapas is a Spanish style of eating where it's small portions that your share several of. We had the best sangria and a few different delicious dishes...some kind of fried cheese & zucchini, salad, bread, bacon wrapped dates, and paella. It was a great anniversary dinner!

On our actual anniversary we spent most of the day getting back to Tulsa. We did manage to grab some breakfast at a cool diner style restaurant not far from our hotel before we headed to the airport. It was a great weekend trip to Portland. We were so happy to be there for Jacob & Mindy and also to have a little getaway this summer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Portland

We got back from Portland last night around midnight. We flew from Portland to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Tulsa. I'll post pictures from our trip as soon as I get them all organized. We also went on a white water rafting trip, so I have to get the pics from the water proof camera too.

I had one main thing on the agenda today (my last week before school stuff starts!). Two weekends ago we went to Lake Tenkiller to see one of Tony's roommates from college. His wife gave me a "starter bag" for Amish bread. I had heard of this, but never done it before. You have a "starter bag" with some ingredients in it and you take care of it for 10 days. Some days you have to add ingredients to the bag, some days you just mush the bag, and let out any air that's in there. I have to admit, it smelled really bad because it's fermenting (making yeast). But, we knew it was going to taste good because we tried it with Chris & Liz at the lake.

So I'm a couple days overdue because we were out of town, but I had to make the finished product today. I added all my ingredients, made 4 new starter bags, and baked. You're supposed to pass off 3 of the bags and keep one for yourself. If you live in Tulsa and want one, please let me know! I don't really know who to give them to at this point. I'm excited for Tony to get home so we can try it tonight!

Sunset Last Week

I forgot to post this last week. The day we were locked out of the house, we were supposed to get some pretty good storms that night. We got to see a beautiful pink and purple sunset.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson Learned

We had an unlucky evening last night. We usually go running after work. We have and had at our old house a key pad outside the garage so we can close the garage when we go run and not having to worry about locking the back door. We just leave it unlocked, close the garage with the key pad, and off we go. It's like our running joke to make sure the other one does not lock the door accidentally and lock us out. Once at our old house, I locked the door on my way out, and knew it as soon as I shut the door. As luck would have it though, we had used the front door earlier and had forgotten to lock the front door. So we had a way back in.

You probably know where this is going now. Since we've moved in our door that goes out to the garage has a funky way about it where the lock gets stuck, but you just turn the knob back and forth and it's fine. Well, I was the last one out the door last night before our run. Didn't lock the door, but I did have to turn it back and forth a couple times to get it to open. I didn't think anything of it because it's done that before. We came back from our run, went to open the door, and we could turn the knob, but it wouldn't open. Something on the inside of the knob had gotten stuck again and we couldn't get in! Great! Right after running. All we wanted was a drink and to start dinner. Wasn't going to happen. We went next door to our super nice neighbor, Howard, we borrowed some tools from him and tried to get the lock fixed. Didn't work. We had to call a locksmith to come out and let us in the house. We had to wait 45 minutes for him to get there too. He couldn't even get the lock fixed from the outside and ended up making us another key to go in the front door and open it that way. Geez! It was quite the process. Now I guess we'll have to start leaving a key in the garage in case this ever happens again.

So $75 bucks and over an hour later at this point, we finally got to go in and start dinner. It was 8:15! Plus, now we have to get a knew knob for the door because the guy couldn't fix it. Guess I'm off to Lowe's here in a little bit for that since it's right down the road...but the lock guy told us about this place called Home Hardware that has all kinds of cool stuff for your house. I'm pretty excited to go check that out at some point!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

Beth and I didn't have much problem keeping busy this weekend. We haven't had many weekends with nothing going on and in fact, this was only our third weekend in Tulsa together in our new house. Friday night after getting home from work, we decided to go running before we headed to dinner. It was so nice outside that we ended up running 6 miles. We usually always run 4 or 5 miles, but are always on the verge of passing out due to the heat when we are finished. It was nice to run a little further and still feel great when we were done.

After our run, we went and had dinner at Charleston's(one of our new faves). It's a casual restaurant, but has a really nice atmosphere and great food. Plus our realtor gave us a coupon for free spinach dip, which just happens to be one of our favorite appetizers. After dinner, we went to the Redbox at Walgreen's and rented "Yes Man" with Jim Carey. The movie was okay. Not bad, but definitely not great. If you don't rent movies at Redbox, you need to start. It's a dollar for a day rental and if you keep it longer, they only charge you a dollar per extra day. Plus you can return your movies to any Redbox location. Another little tip is you can type in "promo codes" and actually get free rentals(we have done this the last 3 rentals). Just google "redbox promo codes" and you'll get what you need to be on your way to a free rental.

In fact, I would recommend looking for promo codes online before you make your next online purchase. I found a promo code for Orbitz that saved us 15% on two different hotel rentals. I also found a promo code that got us 15% off a car rental in Ohio a few weeks ago. Just a little fyi. A google seach takes less than five minutes and has saved us over a hundred dollars in the last few weeks.

Yesterday was a fun day as Beth and I went to Tenkiller Lake to meet up with Chris(my college roommate) and his wife Liz. I actually hadn't seen Chris since May of 2002 when we graduated from OU. He's been living in Moscow, Russia since then and I've been pretty bad at making an effort to meet up when he has been in the U.S. It was great to meet his wife and to also see Chris' parents again. It's kind of weird that Chris and I saw each other everyday for 4 years straight and then went 7 years doing the complete opposite. Chris, Liz, and Chris' family were staying at the lake and had their boat and jetski out there so we got a chance to go out on the lake and have some fun. I rode around on the jetski and Beth and I gave waterskiing a try. Needless to say we didn't do a great job, but we both got up, if only for a few seconds. We didn't get home until 7:30 last night and were both pretty tired from being outside all day.

Today was pretty uneventful although we did go out and explore a little bit. We had intended on checking out another church, but instead I convinced Beth to stay home and watch the British Open. I was really pulling for 59 year old Tom Watson, but was glad to see Stewart Cink win if Watson couldn't.

After watching golf, we decided to go check out "An Affair of the Heart" at the Tulsa Expo Center. It's a craft show that Beth compared to a "smaller, not near as good" version of The Nutcracker Market in Houston. We ended up buying a few candles from a couple that makes Soy Candles in Indiana and also bought a soup mix and a dip mix from a couple who run their business out of southwest Oklahoma.

We spent about two hours at the craft show and then decided to go check out the Whole Foods in Tulsa. On our way to the Whole Foods we saw a produce stand and decided to stop(it's on 21st and Harvard for those who live in Tulsa). The stand was great and we ended up buying fresh corn on the cob, Porter peaches, vidalia onions, sweet potatoes, and regular potatoes. Everything was super fresh and we will definitely be going back at some point. The stand is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closes for good the second week of September.

After Whole Foods it was time to finally come home. We went for a 5 mile run and decided to make dinner. For dinner we used the potatoes from the produce stand and made homemade potato chips. We've made potato chips in the past, but as we've made them more often, the chips have gotten better. After the first time we made them, we even went out and bought a mandolin to cut the potatoes. So for dinner we ended up having homemade potato chips, corn on the cob(from the produce stand), porter peaches, and turkey and pepperjack cheese paninis. Below are a few pics from dinner:

We leave for Portland on Wednedsay and are really looking forward to getting away for a few days. The weather forecast so far looks really good and there's also a chance we may go white water rafting on Friday. One week from today is my and Beth's one year anniversary!!!!! I can't believe it's been a year already! Married life is great and I highly recommend it. So if you're not married, check it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit to Woolaroc

Ever since I met Tony, I've heard about this Woolaroc place. It's come up in random conversations here and there, Andie & Etienne took Gab & Louise, and there are signs for it in Bartlesville. So I knew the basics...that it was a ranch that Frank Phillips, who started Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, owned and frequently visited. (Sorry, Tony's family, I know you guys know all about this already.) Well, we decided to take a trip up there last weekend because our friends, Jacob & Mindy, went there before they came to have dinner with us on Thursday. So they were talking all about it. Tony had been before, so he kind of told me more about it too. At Woolaroc there is a petting zoo, free roaming animals, museum, and the Phillip's lodge on a couple 1000 acres of land.

We started our trip off by paying for our ticket, we drive about 5 minutes, I'm looking off to the sides looking for animals, and all of a sudden Tony stops the car and says "Oh my gosh, look!" In front of us, coming down the road is a buffalo! Straight at us! This is what we saw...

We saw some other animals-deer, llama, ostrich, a longhorn-all roaming around the land around the house. The ostrich were right up against the the fence. We thought they looked pretty crazy with the beaks open.

The museum was probably the coolest part besides the buffalo encounter. We found out that it started as Frank Phillips' personal collection. There was a ton of Native American artifacts and artwork, animal heads, a large gun collection, lots of Phillips memorabilia and history, cowboy stuff, furniture, to name a few! It was quite a collection, while a lot of the items were Phillips', people also donated whole collections to the museum.

After we visited the museum, we walked down to the lodge. Woolaroc stands for woods, lakes, and rocks just like the landscape of the ranch. Here are some pictures of the lodge and the view from the lodge.

One of the lakes when we drove in.

We did not visit the petting zoo after Jacob & Mindy told us that it was in a barn and smelled really bad. Plus it was hot! That was the only thing we didn't see at Woolaroc. I was really glad that we went out there...learned some more about Oklahoma culture and got to see the pretty landscape. I'm looking forward to more day trips like that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toledo Pictures

Last weekend we took a trip up to Toledo, Ohio (technically Sylvania) for the Jamie Farr LPGA Tournament. Stacy has played in the Jamie Farr for 4 years now. The first & second year Tony and I traveled up to Ohio with my family to watch her play and visit all my Dad's family who still live there. We missed last year because my friend Kristina was getting married the same weekend, but we were back again this year. This tournament has turned into a Lewis family reunion every year. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins come out to the tournament each day to cheer for Stacy and hang out with everyone. A few years ago, the cousins decided we wanted to make matching shirts to wear for the final round because there are so many of us, we thought Stacy would get a kick out of it (or be embarrassed, either way we didn't care). So we made the first Lew Crew shirts using iron on letters from the craft store. Well, the Lew Crew shirts have evolved quite a bit since then, and now we have some professionally done shirts complete with Stacy's website on the back! We had 2 colors this year which we all coordinated to wear blue the first day and green the second day. Sadly, Stacy didn't play as well as she wanted, and she barely missed the cut and didn't play on the weekend. So we didn't get to wear the shirts again. That's the story behind the Lew Crew shirts in the picture below.

Another part of our visit is to have family dinners. Friday night we ate at Gary & Gigi's...tons of great food, including a cookie cake for Stacy, and my grandparents came too. Since it was the night before the 4th we watched the Sylvania fireworks, played volleyball, corn hole, and did a few of our own fireworks. Stacy's friend from college, Lucy, came up and was there too, as well as Stacy's caddy, Travis, and his girlfriend, Jenny. Saturday night, the 4th, we had dinner at my other aunt & uncle, Kathy and Jim's, house. We had more corn hole games, a tournament in fact, more awesome food, cookie cake, and malt cake. We had a malt cake for my grandma's 80th bday coming up this year and a cookie cake for Tony and my 1 year anniversary.

We had such a great time catching up with everyone and hanging out with my family last weekend! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The whole crew at Gary & Gigi's.

Another yummy cookie cake. A staple at the cookouts.

The Lew Crew after the first round.

Volleyball side 1

Volleyball side 2

My family with my grandparents (my Dad's parents).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures from Romi & Rian's Wedding

Here are some pictures from Romi & Rian's wedding. It was two weekends ago now, so I'm a little late putting up the pictures. We went to the rehearsal and dinner at a local Mexican restaurant on Friday and went to a sports bar for a little bit afterwards. The wedding was at 4 on Saturday at a beautiful Catholic church. The ceremony was really nice. Romi & Rian were very cute and got a little teary eyed when they were doing their vows. Afterwards the reception was at the Westlake Club near the church. That too was really nice, good food, ice cream sundaes, and fun dance music. Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to be there to celebrate Romi & Rian's new life together.

With the soon to be Martin's after the rehearsal dinner.

Group pictures after the ceremony.

First dance!

Romi & Rian with all the Chi-O's at the wedding. It was the first wedding where I got to do "Shades". (It's a Chi-O traditional song when a sister gets married.)

Tony was an usher and I was the guest book/program attendant.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Toledo, OH

I've been slacking a lot lately as Beth has mainly been the one writing on the blog. Since I am on the computer all day at work, I never really feel like getting on when I get home. Anyway, since I was off of work today, I decided I would write something real quick.

The reason I didn't work today is because we are in Toledo, OH watching Stacy play in the Jamie Farr LPGA tournament. This is our 3rd year to come watch Stacy play and it's always a ton of fun. Stacy played at 12:25 this afternoon and shot 1 under par. She plays at 8:50 tomorrow morning so we're going to have to get up a little earlier tomorrow. The weather is great here. In fact today it was only about 60 degrees. During part of the round, Beth and I both actually got cold. Considering it's 100 degrees in Oklahoma right now, it kind of felt good to be chilly. Anyway, that's what's going on now. Write more later.

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