Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We went out of town on Thursday last week. We drove back to Houston for Romi and Rian's wedding. I'll do a separate post about that. We left around 2:30 on Thursday afternoon and made it to The Woodlands around 9:30 or so. Since we have the GPS now, we decided to go the route it told us instead of going through Dallas. We figured we might be hitting some major traffic since Dallas is about 4 hours from Tulsa. The GPS told us to take these 2 (some 4) lane roads around Dallas. We really enjoyed the drive as it took us through these small Texas towns...like Paris, Canton, Sulfer Springs, Athens, etc. The best of all was Canton. I've always wanted to go there for their First Monday...while we weren't there for the big market stuff, it was cool just to find out where it is. Plus on the way back I convinced Tony to stop at the Paul Michael store. Just a bit of background, Paul Michael is our favorite vendor at Nutcracker Market, lots of home stuff that's reasonably priced. We have tons of Paul Michael stuff in our house...I think my Mom has more though! Anyways, we enjoyed our drive through East Texas. Of course with Tony driving there were some interesting car passing going on, on these 2 lane roads, but that didn't surprise me. :)

While we were in The Woodlands, we got to have a nice hot run on Friday morning and a haircut for each of us after that. We haven't found a place in Tulsa yet. Since Romi and Rian's wedding was in the west part of Houston (outside the Beltway), it didn't make sense for us to drive and hour each way and stay in The Woodlands, so we stayed with my good friend Alyssa and her fiance, Dave, in their new townhouse in Houston. They have a great new place in a little, quite area off of Westheimer. We got to hang out with them a little during the weekend, of course I wish we could have been around more to see them, but Alyssa just started her residency and is working a crazy schedule. She was at least around on Friday afternoon. We also got to see Janet on Saturday before the wedding and her new apartment. She has a really cute one bedroom about 15 min from the Galleria area, where she works. We are so excited for her to be settled in and getting used to working and living on her own. She's doing great. We just caught up with her and watched Stacy's round on TV. So we did the rehearsal dinner and wedding thing, and then we went back to The Woodlands on Sunday to have Black Walnut with my Mom. We love Black Walnut! My Mom and I used to go once a week after pilates. We also had to get the rest of the boxes that I had at my parents house from my classroom. The car was packed up and off we went back to Oklahoma.

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