Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Additions to the Casa

We spend Sunday painting the 2nd bathroom. This is our last adventure in painting before my Dad comes...hopefully we won't have to wait too long for that. We decided on this green color, and we think it turned out pretty good. We also got some towel bars. The round one is hung up, but we haven't done the one for the bath towels yet. We have to do a toilet paper holder too, but are worried because the only place to put one is on the side of the cabinet. We're not too sure how to do that or if we even should put it there. Anyways, we'll figure it out sooner or later.

We got a sale rug from Pottery Barn that got delivered the house last week. We didn't have such a large entry way in our old house, so we didn't have any big rugs. Tony wanted something that didn't look like we were "old people", so I think this one did the trick.

We finally got A GRILL! We've only been talking about getting one for over a year now since we moved into our first house. We never got around to buying one in Houston, and we were at Lowe's the other day, they were having a Father's Day Sale on the grills. We couldn't pass up another good deal. They put it together for us and Tony's friend from work picked it up yesterday in his truck. I know, I know, I let Tony get an OU grill cover. Haha! He was pretty excited about that, and I know how long he's been wanting a grill. So anything to make my honey happy. :) We even used it for the first time last night. Grilled some chicken and mixed it in with some pasta. Delicious!

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Julia said...

I love that rug! It definitely does not look "old people-ish!"

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