Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another School Year Down

I can't believe that my second year of teaching has come and gone. Tomorrow is our last day of the year. This week has been basically glorified babysitting if you will. We had field day on Monday and the 6th grade fun day on Tuesday. Both days we were basically outside the whole day and the kids were doing activities and games. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves. They got to spend the whole day with their friends in other classes and just play. Us teachers like it because we get to hang out and talk too. We were really proud of how well behaved the kids were...a few slight slip ups by a few, but nothing major.

I have to say that this end of the year has been bittersweet. Last year I could not wait for the last day of school, and this year I'm kind of sad. I have had only 2 classes the whole year since I've been teaching 2 subjects, so I feel like I have gotten to know them really well. They are really great kids for the most part, and I'm sad that my best classes are moving on and now I have to get a new group. I just feel more attached to this group than last years. The other part of it is that I am sad to leave the people that I work with this year, especially my switch teacher. That's what we call the other teacher that my kids have. She and I are about the same age and have a very similar approach to dealing with our kids and teaching. She was like the perfect partner for me, and she and I have become really good friends this year. I hope that we stay in touch with the move because I will really miss her.

This year has been so much different than last year. Mostly because of the school that I am at, but I also feel like I am becoming a better teacher and better at managing all the things (aka paperwork) that go along with it. I hope that next year goes even better in that respect. Also, teaching science was a new challenge this year that with the help of Tori (another science teacher that I've known since middle school) I learned to manage that at math at the same time. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that really helped me get my new job in Tulsa which is also a math/science position. Two subjects was overwhelming at first, but I finally got the hang of it. It will really make next year a much more smooth transition though.

I hope I can make it through tomorrow without being too sad...maybe the kids will be too wound up and I'll be ready for them to go. But they have been bringing me thank you cards for being their teacher and that is just so I'll have to see how it goes. 2nd year of teaching has come and gone. Now on to new adventures in my 3rd year in a new school again and a new state!

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