Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Room Painted

This is the office that we painted this week. We decided to do it a darker shade from the color strip from the rest of the house. This is our first room to completely paint by ourselves, and I think it turned out ok. My Mom told me that my Dad thought it was not a good idea to do the walls before the ceiling, but we were careful not to get any ceiling paint on the walls...from what we can tell we didn't get any on the wall. We are happy with how it turned out. Now we have to get some furniture in there. All we have is an Ikea book case that we don't like that much. We'd like to do a desk and a seating area and some book cases.

The last of our moving boxes were actually just taken away today! YAY! That means everything is finally unpacked and mostly put away. We just have to decide where we want to hang some things. It's definitely coming together. We also should have our kitchen table and 2 barstools coming in about 2 weeks. I think that will really make it feel like home when we get that in.

That's the house update for today. We still have 5 rooms to paint, but we're hoping my Dad will make it up here again this summer to help us out. We're waiting for him to set a date. :)

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