Friday, May 29, 2009

Painting Galore

Beth has been yelling at me(okay, anyone who knows Beth knows yelling for Beth is like raising your voice for anyone else) about writing on the blog. So here I am writing on the blog. When Beth says jump, I say how high. Anyway, last weekend was a very productive weekend with Beth and her parents coming to Tulsa to help us get the house painted. We(I) totally underestimated how much paint we would use which made for many trips back and forth to Sherwin Williams. When all was said and done, we went through 18 gallons of paint and worked three days straight, 10 hours a day. The result is awesome though and the house is definitely starting to feel like a home. Some pictures are posted below. Besides the painting, both of our parents have been really nice with housewarming presents. My parents contributed to our much needed kitchen table that we have yet to buy and Beth's parents bought us a Dyson vacuum. So now we'll think of our parents when we are eating and cleaning....Hopefully never at the same time though. That would kind of gross me out. Plus, as Beth can attest, I don't do much cleaning. My Mom could probably attest to that as well thinking back to me growing up. Anyway, below are pics from the painting last weekend.

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