Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Weekend in Austin

Last weekend we had another wedding. This time it was in Austin. Tony flew to Houston on the usual 6:00 Friday flight and got in town around 7:30. We went to Austin Saturday morning after a nice morning run in the lovely Houston humidity. We made a side trip to San Marcos to visit the outlet mall because we wanted to go to the Pottery Barn outlet to see if they had any good stuff for our house. Also, on our way to San Marcos we stopped in Lockhart for some Texas BBQ. The place we stopped to eat at was definitely in the hill country. It was in a big barn looking building with picnic tables. You ordered and got your meat in this big room in the back with all the big smokers, put it on a piece of butcher paper, and went on to order sides and cans of cokes. No BBQ sauce and no forks either. So it was a little different style of BBQ, but was pretty good. We were glad we stopped for a visit.

We spent about 2 hours and the outlet mall, and got some pretty good stuff. I was excited that I found a dress to wear to Romi & Rian's wedding...I'll probably end up wearing it to several other weddings too! After some shopping we drove up to Austin, checking into the hotel, and got ready for the wedding. It was my college roommate's wedding, so it was fun to see her and my 2 other roommates. It was a little warm that night, but once we got inside for the reception we were feeling much better. It was a really nice reception, good food, plus a chocolate bar where you could fill up a baggie of chocolates. Tony was loving that!

On Sunday we slept in, and met up with another one of my friends from college, Kathleen, for breakfast/lunch and a delicious place called Taco Deli. I hadn't seen her in awhile, so it was nice to catch up, have her meet Tony, and meet her fiance too. We drove back to The Woodlands after that, and went to the Kenny Chesney concert at the Pavilion with Johnny & Katie, my parents, and my parents' neighbors. It was a nice, cool night and we enjoyed hanging out with Johnny & Katie, going to dinner before, and all that stuff.

Wow, I guess we really did a lot last weekend! It was all fun, but we were pretty worn out and had to make it an early night on Monday.

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