Monday, May 18, 2009

The Last Lewis Graduate

Miss Janet has finished her 4 years of college and graduated last Saturday from Texas A&M. Congratulations Janet! She finished in 4 years despite transferring after her freshman year and changing her major then too. She made it through the business school at A&M and now has a job in Houston working for an oil & gas recruiting company. We know she will do awesome at her new job and living on her own as a big girl now. :) She's done great with managing all she's done in college, so I know she'll take everything in stride. We are kind of sad that she's moving back to Houston and we are moving away, but we know we'll still see her pretty often. So congratulations again, we are so proud of you!

Here are some pictures from after the graduation ceremony. Janet's best friend, Kelly, surprised Janet for the weekend, so she was there to see Janet graduate and for the little get together afterwards. I know Janet really appreciated her being there and being able to share a little bit of her life in College Station for the past four years with Kelly.

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