Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Big or Go Home

That's kind of an old sports saying which means give everything you got or don't even worry about it. Well that's what I was thinking when it came to getting a new refrigerator. Sounds odd I know. But it's true. Beth and I didn't have to buy a fridge for our last house because the builder gave us one for free. In a way, that was great because we didn't have to spend the money. But on the other hand, we didn't get what we wanted. This time around, we got what we wanted. We decided to leave our other refrigerator at the old house and start over fresh in Tulsa. So what did I do? Found us the biggest, best refrigerator I could find. It's 29 cubic feet of pure goodness. I know I know, there's only two of us, why do we need a fridge that big? Good question. My only reasoning is, we'll never grow out of it. In fact, Beth has yet to see the new refrigerator, but she will soon since she's coming up here on Thursday. A few pics of the new fridge are below:

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afoos said...

We are there with you and have the complete same attitude about fridges. Ours, believe it or not, was the biggest we could get in France! You will always be able to use it, don't worry, especially when you have little ones of your own (that is, of course, if you still want kids after you've spent a week with our rascals!!!)

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