Saturday, May 30, 2009


So most people who know me, know that I went to college at the University of Oklahoma and I'm a huge Sooner football fan. In fact, Beth and I went to Miami in January to watch OU play Florida for the national championship. And if you know OU football, you know who Sam Bradford is. If you don't know who Sam Bradford is, he's the 2008 Heisman trophy winner and the likely number 1 pick in next year's NFL Draft.

All of this being said, I was sitting at work yesterday morning when I got a text message from Stacy. I knew she was back in Fayetteville this week since the LPGA is off. The text message said "I'm about to play golf with Sam Bradford =)" I about dropped the phone! Well come to find out, Stacy was out at the course getting ready to play with her former coaches from Arkansas when she got asked to play with Sam Bradford and two other people. Sam and Stacy were on the same team and dominated the other two. I guess it is true that Sam's a pretty good golfer. The best part about the whole thing is that Stacy got an autograph for me! That means I now have autographs from two OU Heisman trophy winners. But this one definitely has a better story behind it. The pic of Stacy(on the right) with Sam Bradford is below.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Painting Galore

Beth has been yelling at me(okay, anyone who knows Beth knows yelling for Beth is like raising your voice for anyone else) about writing on the blog. So here I am writing on the blog. When Beth says jump, I say how high. Anyway, last weekend was a very productive weekend with Beth and her parents coming to Tulsa to help us get the house painted. We(I) totally underestimated how much paint we would use which made for many trips back and forth to Sherwin Williams. When all was said and done, we went through 18 gallons of paint and worked three days straight, 10 hours a day. The result is awesome though and the house is definitely starting to feel like a home. Some pictures are posted below. Besides the painting, both of our parents have been really nice with housewarming presents. My parents contributed to our much needed kitchen table that we have yet to buy and Beth's parents bought us a Dyson vacuum. So now we'll think of our parents when we are eating and cleaning....Hopefully never at the same time though. That would kind of gross me out. Plus, as Beth can attest, I don't do much cleaning. My Mom could probably attest to that as well thinking back to me growing up. Anyway, below are pics from the painting last weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Last Lewis Graduate

Miss Janet has finished her 4 years of college and graduated last Saturday from Texas A&M. Congratulations Janet! She finished in 4 years despite transferring after her freshman year and changing her major then too. She made it through the business school at A&M and now has a job in Houston working for an oil & gas recruiting company. We know she will do awesome at her new job and living on her own as a big girl now. :) She's done great with managing all she's done in college, so I know she'll take everything in stride. We are kind of sad that she's moving back to Houston and we are moving away, but we know we'll still see her pretty often. So congratulations again, we are so proud of you!

Here are some pictures from after the graduation ceremony. Janet's best friend, Kelly, surprised Janet for the weekend, so she was there to see Janet graduate and for the little get together afterwards. I know Janet really appreciated her being there and being able to share a little bit of her life in College Station for the past four years with Kelly.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


In 1994, my Dad and I went to the World Cup in Dallas. The World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world and a once in a lifetime type event. We were lucky enough to see two games in fact. The first was Argentina vs. Bulgaria and the second was a Quarterfinal match between Brazil and the Netherlands. The latter turned out to be the best game of the entire World Cup and since then, I've been wanting to get back to the World Cup no matter where it was.

In 2006, the World Cup was in Germany and I really wanted to go. I was able to go to Germany in 2005 and really wanted to go back the next year. Unfortunately the timing just didn't work out and I ended up missing out on a great event.

Next year, the World Cup will be held once again and this time it's in South Africa, a place I've always wanted to visit. Because tickets are nearly impossible to get, I figured our chances of going would be slim to none. The ticketing system isn't like it is in the U.S. To get tickets to a soldout event in the U.S., all you have to do is get on Craigslist, EBay, or Stubhub. Or worst case, stand out in front of the event and buy tickets from a scalper. Scalping tickets for a World Cup is near impossible because each ticket has your name on it and you must show identification to match your ticket. You can't just go online and buy tickets but instead must put your name into a lottery and hope that you get tickets. To put your name in the lottery, you must already have a valid passport which most Americans don't have.

For the first round of the lottery this year, 1.8 million ticket requests were submitted. Of those requests, 68,000 requests were granted in the United States. Fortunately for me, one of those requests that were granted was for Beth and I for 2 tickets to 3 different games. When I opened my email and saw that my ticket requests were granted, I nearly fell out of my chair. And not only were they granted, but we got tickets to 3 different games!

We will be going to 2 games in Cape Town and one game in Durban. Needless to say, it's going to be an amazing trip and one that I can't wait for. I don't think Beth really cares a whole lot about soccer, but I know she's really excited about going to South Africa. It's still a little over a year away, but I know that it'll be here before we know it and I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Weekend

Last weekend was probably the most productive weekend we have had in a really long time. Beth flew up to Tulsa on Thursday night and I picked her up at the airport around 7 p.m. On the way home, we picked up Hideaway Pizza(they just opened a new one in Broken Arrow). If you're ever in Tulsa, Hideaway is a great place to grab pizza.

We came home and I gave Beth a refresher tour of the house since she had really only spent about 45 minutes total in the house before then. After eating dinner and just relaxing for a little while, we both decided it was time to get to work. The first step was unpacking our bedroom. We got every box unpacked(although not everything put up where we would like). After unpacking, it was time for bed since I had work and Beth had two interviews on Friday.

On Friday Beth dropped me off at work and then went to her first interview with Union Public Schools. At 1 p.m. she went for her interview in Wagoner and then came and picked me up from work. We decided we would spend the afternoon looking for furniture since we've been wanting a new couch for about 2 years now and now we need a kitchen table as well since we gave ours to Beth's sister Janet.

Our search included 4 furniture stores(not much choice in Tulsa) and a stop at Sherwin Williams to pick out paint colors for the house. By the way, if anyone has any great furniture ideas in Tulsa, please let us know. We are desperately looking for a nice kitchen table and chairs. On our fourth stop, we found a couch and it is one awesome couch. When Beth and I saw it, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. It's a brown leather couch that is 101" long and extra deep. Since I'm 6'3, an extra long couch will be perfect. After finding the couch, we went home and I found the same couch online for $85 cheaper so I called Mathis Brothers and asked them to match the price which they surprisingly did. I've heard only bad things about Mathis Brothers, but you can't beat the price or selection. The couch is getting delivered tomorrow so we'll see what happens. Besides the couch, we found a great table and chairs that we both really loved. Unfortunately, the table and chairs are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer. Just our luck.

On Friday night, I took Beth to Ted's Escondido. It's Oklahoma's version of "authentic" Mexican food. I would say that although I loved Ted's when I was in college, I'm not the biggest fan anymore. Maybe that's because I've been living in Texas for the past 6 years and have been exposed to real authentic Mexican food.

On Saturday we got up and immediately started working on the house. Although we did take a break to run 7 miles around Forest Ridge which was a lot of fun. I worked out in the yard for about 2 hours while Beth unpacked box after box. By the time I was done outside, Beth had nearly the entire kitchen together. Needless to say, I was very impressed!

Saturday night we drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas to have dinner with one of my best friends Jacob and his fiance Mindy. We had a really good time and it was really nice to finally meet Mindy. Beth and I will be going to Portland at the end of July for their wedding. In fact, we'll be in Portland on our one year anniversary.

On Sunday we continued unpacking, went and bought the couch that we found on Friday and then it was time for Beth to go back to Houston. The weekend was jam packed, but it flew by really quickly.

I can't wait for Memorial Day when Beth and her parents are coming to Tulsa to hangout and paint. We picked out some great paint colors and are really looking forward to getting the house exactly how we want it. So there you go, that was our weekend. Eventful to us and also a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Weekend in Austin

Last weekend we had another wedding. This time it was in Austin. Tony flew to Houston on the usual 6:00 Friday flight and got in town around 7:30. We went to Austin Saturday morning after a nice morning run in the lovely Houston humidity. We made a side trip to San Marcos to visit the outlet mall because we wanted to go to the Pottery Barn outlet to see if they had any good stuff for our house. Also, on our way to San Marcos we stopped in Lockhart for some Texas BBQ. The place we stopped to eat at was definitely in the hill country. It was in a big barn looking building with picnic tables. You ordered and got your meat in this big room in the back with all the big smokers, put it on a piece of butcher paper, and went on to order sides and cans of cokes. No BBQ sauce and no forks either. So it was a little different style of BBQ, but was pretty good. We were glad we stopped for a visit.

We spent about 2 hours and the outlet mall, and got some pretty good stuff. I was excited that I found a dress to wear to Romi & Rian's wedding...I'll probably end up wearing it to several other weddings too! After some shopping we drove up to Austin, checking into the hotel, and got ready for the wedding. It was my college roommate's wedding, so it was fun to see her and my 2 other roommates. It was a little warm that night, but once we got inside for the reception we were feeling much better. It was a really nice reception, good food, plus a chocolate bar where you could fill up a baggie of chocolates. Tony was loving that!

On Sunday we slept in, and met up with another one of my friends from college, Kathleen, for breakfast/lunch and a delicious place called Taco Deli. I hadn't seen her in awhile, so it was nice to catch up, have her meet Tony, and meet her fiance too. We drove back to The Woodlands after that, and went to the Kenny Chesney concert at the Pavilion with Johnny & Katie, my parents, and my parents' neighbors. It was a nice, cool night and we enjoyed hanging out with Johnny & Katie, going to dinner before, and all that stuff.

Wow, I guess we really did a lot last weekend! It was all fun, but we were pretty worn out and had to make it an early night on Monday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Augusta Trip

The past 2 weekends Tony and I have gone to out of town weddings. The first was in Augusta, GA for Jamie & Molly's beautiful wedding. We got to see the Hargather family and our adopted sis, Kelly, who has spent so much time with our family and we've know her so long, we call her our other sister. We flew to Atlanta on Friday night and took the 2 hour drive with my Mom, Dad, and Janet to Augusta. We went to an "after-party" type thing for their rehearsal dinner. It was a nice outdoor space with music and drinks. On Saturday, Tony and I took a run and admired all the cute southern houses (some big & some small) while running up and down some massive hills. We definitely got a work out! Oh, and the hotel we were staying at was built in the 1800s and had wrap around porches and that old southern style. It was very cute too...called The Partridge Inn. During the afternoon, there was also a picnic lunch for the family and friends from out of town. The house had a beautiful backyard. We were obsessed with taking pictures there. We went to the church for a wonderful ceremony and then to Molly, the bride's, parents' house for the reception. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Go Big or Go Home

That's kind of an old sports saying which means give everything you got or don't even worry about it. Well that's what I was thinking when it came to getting a new refrigerator. Sounds odd I know. But it's true. Beth and I didn't have to buy a fridge for our last house because the builder gave us one for free. In a way, that was great because we didn't have to spend the money. But on the other hand, we didn't get what we wanted. This time around, we got what we wanted. We decided to leave our other refrigerator at the old house and start over fresh in Tulsa. So what did I do? Found us the biggest, best refrigerator I could find. It's 29 cubic feet of pure goodness. I know I know, there's only two of us, why do we need a fridge that big? Good question. My only reasoning is, we'll never grow out of it. In fact, Beth has yet to see the new refrigerator, but she will soon since she's coming up here on Thursday. A few pics of the new fridge are below:

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