Monday, April 6, 2009

Wedding Season Begins

We thought last year was busy with our own wedding, well we need to get ready because we have quite a few weddings in the next couple of months. Here's our schedule:

April 25th - My sister's best friend's (Kelly) brother, Jamie is getting married in Augusta, GA. The whole family (minus Stacy) is going to this one.

May 2nd - One of my college roommates, Jacquelyn, is getting married in Austin. Just Tony & I are going.

June 13th - Two of my friends from high school, Kim and Todd are getting married in The Woodlands. Their reception is at The Marriott just like ours!

June 27th - Our friends, Romi and Rian, are getting married in Houston. Tony is an usher and I'm the guest book attendant.

June 27th - One of my sorority sisters, Kathleen, is getting married in Austin. Obviously we can't go to this one since we're in the wedding in Houston this weekend. I'm pretty bummed because I'd love to see her and all the Chi-O girlies that would be there.

July 25th - I just found out about this one tonight! Tony's friend, Jacob, is getting married in Portland, OR. Jacob was Tony's best man in our wedding, and we are so excited for him! We're going to spend our 1 year anniversary in Portland now!

That completes this list as of now, but we are not counting out the possibility of more weddings to come. Not sure who it might be, but you never know. What we do know is that we will be making the rounds traveling and going to everyone else's wedding this year. No stress for us, just fun times!


Apple said...

How bizarre - my friend Kelly is marrying her fiance Jamie on 25th April - in Scotland though :) x

Tom said...

Tony...please email me. Dad

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