Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Happenings of Tony and Beth

First off, I would like to apologize for the few posts in the past month...Beth has basically been holding down the blog since I've been in Oklahoma and between everything she's had going on and our weekends together, the blog has kind of taken a backseat.

Things have been pretty crazy the past few weeks. Beth came up here to Oklahoma the third week of February to look at houses and out of the nearly 20 houses we looked at, there were two that really stood out. So we asked Beth's parents to come up to Oklahoma the next weekend to look at the two houses with us because we thought we may want to make an offer on one of them. After looking at the two houses again and getting another perspective, we decided that one house was definitely a good fit for us. Last Wednesday I met with our realtor and we officially made an offer on the house. The offer didn't actually go in until Thursday and we haven't heard anything back yet.

My job in Oklahoma is going great. I'm really enjoying it and glad to not be doing what I was doing anymore. I think Beth is really going to like Oklahoma as well and I can't wait for her to finally get up here.

On Friday we are leaving for Paris to see my sister, her husband, and the three kids(including the newest little one Alice). Beth and I can't wait! Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and even though this is my 7th time to go(and Beth's third), I can't wait to see some of the great sites again. I think it's funny when people say that Paris is dirty. I usually ask them if they've ever been to a big city in the United States. Or when they say that French people are rude or don't like Americans. I wonder if they've ever taken the time to learn the French culture. Just because the French don't smile and say hi to everyone that they pass on the street or don't ask complete strangers "how are you," doesn't mean that French people are rude or don't like Americans.

Anyway, Beth and I will be spending the first 4 days in Paris and then taking the train to Brussels for 3 days before heading back to Paris for the last two days. We've never been to Brussels before so I'm really looking forward to seeing what that's like. Anyway, that's a quick update from us. Beth is enjoying a day at the spa today, compliments of the her students who got her a gift certificate for Christmas.

When we get to Paris, we will try to post pictures on here and hopefully keep them updated.

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