Sunday, February 1, 2009


Things are really different right now. I'm writing from Bartlesville, OK, watching the Super Bowl by myself while Beth is back in Houston. I don't think I've ever watched the Super Bowl by myself. I knew this would be hard, but I'm already feeling how hard it's going to be with us being apart from each other.

Yesterday Beth and I drove up from Houston to Bartlesville. On the way, we stopped in Tulsa to check out houses. We ended up looking at over 20 houses so we could try and get a feel for Tulsa and what we liked and didn't like. Out of the houses we saw, we really liked two. And those two are completely different. One is brand new, never been lived in out in a suburb of Tulsa. The other is older, in a more established neighborhood right in the middle of everything.

After looking at houses for what seemed like hours, we decided to go have dinner at The Brook. I had only been there once and it has been many years, but I was glad to see that the food and service were both great and we really enjoyed our meal.

After dinner, we drove to Bartlesville and ended up falling asleep almost immediately. Today we got up, had breakfast, and then went grocery shopping. That was quite an adventure. I had never seen a Wal-Mart more crowded than the one in Bartlesville. After grocery shopping, we went running and then it was time to get ready and take Beth to the airport.

Dropping Beth off at the airport wasn't much fun. Although I know I'm going to see her in a few days and we will get to spend the whole weekend together next weekend(I would otherwise be working in my old job), just being apart isn't much fun. I absolutely can't wait for the next few months to be over with and for Beth and I to be together in Tulsa.

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Linsey said...

It is exciting that you are moving closer to home, but I am sorry that you and Beth have to be away from each other! It is only temporary!

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