Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Trip to Tulsa

Last weekend, I went to Tulsa to visit Tony and start looking at some houses up there. We wanted to start figuring out where we wanted to live and all that. The trip went well, and we ended up finding 2 houses that we like after looking at almost 20. Well, we talked things over with my parents and we really wanted them to come see the house and all that. It turns out the only time my parents can go between now and the middle of April, is this weekend. We decided we would just drive to Tulsa after my Dad got back in town on Friday afternoon. My Dad ended up finding out that we could travel to Tulsa with the least amount air miles that you can use. So now we are flying out tonight at 9:00pm and coming home in the afternoon on Sunday. Tony & I are taking my parents to see both of the houses that we liked to see if we want to make an offer on one of them. No word yet on anything prospects to buy our house in Houston. We are having an open house on Sunday and lowering the price. Lowering the price is not a bad deal for us though...without getting into all the details of our relocation package. I'm off to go pack now!

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