Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trip to Miami

Our surprise Christmas present from Stacy this year was a pair of tickets to the National Championship game in Miami where OU and Florida were going to play for the title. I think this was Tony's best Christmas present ever! We left on Wednesday night for Miami. Stacy got us plane tickets too, so all we had to take care of was the hotel and rental car. We got into Miami around 10:00. We drove to South Beach where our hotel was and went to get something to eat. Tony looked up a restaurant online called Big Pink because it's open late since we knew we wouldn't be getting there until 11 or later. We had a really good dinner and crashed at the hotel. The next day was game day. We woke up and took a walk along the boardwalk by the beach and took these pictures.

Then we decided we needed some lunch. We took the car and found a Mexican restaurant, ate some lunch, and walked around a little bit. We ended up leaving for the game around 2:30 because we knew we'd hit some traffic and we wanted to get their early to tailgate. We made our way up to Dolphin Stadium, parked, and hung out and tailgated for a few hours before the game started. We got into the stadium pretty early. We checked out our seats and went back down to the food/drinks area to hang out for a little bit. We were talking to an older Florida fan that was out there too. Out of the blue, a couple dressed all in Florida gear comes up to us and asks us where we are sitting because they wanted to see if we'd be willing to trade seats with them. They said they came all the way from Toronto and found out their tickets were in the middle of the OU section. It actually worked out perfectly because our seats were exactly in the same spots just on opposite sides of the stadium. So it was a win-win. We got to sit with all the OU fans, and they got to sit with Florida fans! Here are some pictures from the game...

We all know the outcome of the game was not what we would have wanted, but we really did have a great time. It was fun just to be at such an exciting game and a game that's a really big deal! It's the National Championship! We had to come back to Houston on Friday since Tony had to go to work on Saturday. Our flight wasn't until later Friday night, so we drove around Miami, went shopping, and saw a movie to pass the time. It was a short trip, but one we won't be forgetting anytime soon. We'd love to go to a national championship game again, but maybe next time it'll be for Texas!

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