Saturday, January 3, 2009

Handy Woman

My parents got Tony an awesome tool chest for Christmas. We had yet to put it together and started to take it out of the boxes this morning. We had to put the wheels on the bottom. It was taking a little time to figure out what the heck to do because the screws weren't fitting into the bottom. Anyways, after a few phone calls to my Dad and Tony giving up because he's impatient and had to go to work...I got the wheels on!

The key was the wrench! Courtesy of Janet who got a set for Tony for Christmas.

Since I got the wheels on, I figured why not try to get the whole thing put together. It was in 3 pieces that had to be stacked on top of one another. I'm not very strong so it took me a little bit to get the top one on since it's about as tall as I am, but I finally got it. Here's the final product...


afoos said...

Sorry we didn't get around to calling you guys again yesterday- I went to the hospital with a false alert and we spent the whole evening concentrating on that! What about next weekend?

Carol said...

Way to go Bethie!!! You are such the handy woman!!

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