Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Change is Coming

And I don't mean Barack Obama...although I guess according to him, change is coming as well.

I have been offered and accepted a job with my current company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's been somewhat of a scramble these past few days as Beth and I have tried to figure out what our lives are going to look like for the next few months. My new boss wants me up in Tulsa by the beginning of February and since Beth is a teacher, she won't be able to come until school is out. This means that weekdays will be spent apart and weekends will be spent together either in Houston or Tulsa for the next few months. This also means that our house that we closed on last March will be on the market and we will be buying our second house in a year sometime this Spring. I must say that when we bought our current house, I knew we wouldn't be here forever, but I didn't think it would be less than a year. Luckily for us, part of our relo package includes a buyout option on our house in case it doesn't sell since this isn't exactly a seller's market.

The plan right now is for me to move up to Tulsa at the beginning of February and Beth and I to split our weekends between Houston and Tulsa and also see each other during some of our travels during the Spring. We will be together for a week in March when we go to Paris to see my sister and also have a few weddings and other events on various weekends. It's not going to be easy, that's for sure, but I know we'll make it through it and before we know it, it'll be summertime and we'll be moving to a new city together and moving into a new house together. It's going to be quite an adventure and something that I can't wait to go through with Beth. Our families have both been really supportive as well and I look forward to our time together with them over the next year even if it is in a different setting than what we're used to.

If you live in Tulsa or know Tulsa, please let me know of some good areas to start our house hunt. Although I grew up in northeast Oklahoma, I haven't spent much time there at all in quite a long time.


Gina and Michael said...

WOW! You know the same thing happened when Michael and I got married. We were married in November and then by March he accepted a transfer to Mobile, Alabama! ;-) I too had to finish the school year plus a summer of grad school before joining him. We did it and so will you! How exciting that a new adventure awaits you!

Tony and Beth said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It's nice to hear from someone who knows what we're going through!

Julia said...

Tony, we suggest Broken Arrow for house hunting. We are in midtown, but plan to move to Broken Arrow in the future- great homes, low crime, easy access to the highways, great schools (even though they always dominated us in soccer!). And we love our church-
Congrats on the move and let us know if you need anything! When you get here, we'll have you over for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,
Don't know if you'll remember me...I was one of Andie's friends growing up (Erin Johnson). We are in Owasso and we love it. Great proximity to Tulsa/highways (15-20 minutes to midtown) and we have just about everything as far as the restuarants and stores that you would need. From the looks of your pics of your house we live in a very similar neighborhood. The schools are great here too. Just thought I'd put my two cents in!
Take Care,
Erin Hillenberg

Tony and Beth said...

Beth and I have thought about Owasso and will probably take a look there. It seems like there are a lot of great areas with close proximity to Tulsa. A lot different than Houston where we live about 30 miles from Downtown!

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