Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surprise Surprise

My phone broke yesterday. Just out of the blue broke. I didn't drop it, I wasn't doing anything, it just broke. So I thought, great, now I get to go to the Sprint store and spend $200 to get a new phone because I have only had my phone for a year and a half and not 2 years to get a rebate and then I would have to sign another stupid 2 year contract and blah blah blah. So, I walked into the Sprint store and had to put my name on a list and wait for my name to get called(I felt like I was at the doctor). After about ten minutes a guy called my name, asked me what the problem was, and told me the he could give me the same phone and all I would have to pay is $35. I just about fell on the floor. What's the catch, I thought. No catch. 35 bucks and I had a new phone. Thanks Sprint. It's about time you did something right.

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