Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainy Day

In typical Houston fashion, it's been raining here for about 30 hours straight. And I don't think it's supposed to let up for at least another day. Normally I like rain, but last night I got to work in the rain and that wasn't too much fun. Since I'm off the next three days, I don't really care if it rains the entire time. Although I would like for it to stop just long enough for Beth and I to go running. We had forgotten what running was like once the time changes. Our running routine usually consists of getting home from work, relaxing for a little while and then going running. Now if we do that, we're running in complete darkness. I guess we'll just have to deal with it for the next four months or so like we have in the past.

It's starting to look like Beth and I are going up to Norman next weekend for the OU/Texas Tech game. It'll be my first time to Norman in over 5 years and I don't think Beth has ever been there. I'm excited to see how much it has changed and also to get to show Beth around a little bit. Beth and I have been to Austin a few different times together and she's gotten to show me around so now I'll get to return the favor. Should be fun. I'll keep you posted.

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