Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our New Toy

Beth and I got a new toy last night. After coming to the conclusion that both of our IPODs are now worthless(Beth had an original IPOD and I had an IPOD Mini from 4 years ago), we decided to go to the Apple store and buy a new IPOD Touch. This was a pretty big step for Beth and I because we aren't exactly the most technologically advanced couple. I know a lot of people who like to have the newest gadget, like the IPhone, or the newest gaming system, or the newest computer or whatever but none of that stuff really interests Beth and I. I'm pretty content with my 2+ year old computer and up until last night was pretty content with my 4 year old IPOD. Not that I have a problem with people who have to have the newest gadget. In fact, I say more power to them. I don't want anyone questioning how I spend my money because in fact, it is my money, so why would I question someone else's spending habits.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that everyone has different spending habits and no one should really question them. My roommate in college liked to spend tons of money on his car. He had a nice car and was always putting more and more money into it. I thought that was stupid. He looked at me and thought I was stupid for spending money on the stuff I did. So then I figured it out, it's his money, he should buy what he wants. It's my money, I should buy what I want. If he wants to shop at the high end stores, great. If he wants to shop at flea markets, that's great too. Who cares.

So back to our IPOD Touch. I guess since I'm not too technologically advanced, I am super impressed with it. It has internet on it which is really cool and it also has an external speaker so you can listen to your music without headphones. All in all it was a great purchase and I'm sure by the time Beth and I get it figured out, there will be a new one and once again we'll be technologically repressed.

On a side note, as we were walking out of the mall, we passed the Hickory Farms booth. Hickory Farms brings back a ton of childhood memories for me. And as we were passing by, I turned to Beth and said,"You don't eat summer sausage, do you?" I was shocked when she said,"Yes I do." So what did we do? Turned right back around and got some summer sausage. But we actually ended up getting turkey summer sausage, some cheese, and some specialty mustard. What can I say, I learn something new about my cute wife all the time.

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Gina and Michael said...

Congrats on your new purchase! We have been going through that same dilemma lately and when things work it is hard to justify needing a new one just for it to be new.

I finally put my probably 6 year old computer to rest. With that decision being made, we took a huge leap...we opted for a new 24" iMac...LOVE IT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT AS AN ACCESSORY TO YOUR NEW iPOD TOUCH! ;-)

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