Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nutcracker Market

I haven't written in awhile. Tony's the more dedicated one to this blog, but that's ok with me. But I had to talk about today because today is the best day of the year. Well...close to it at least. This is at least the 3rd annual trip for my Mom and I to go to the Nutcracker Market. She used to go with the flamingo mamas, but they always used to go the first day of the market, which is Thursday, and since my Mom works, it was getting hard for her to take off every year to go at that time. So she recruited me to go with her on Saturday once I was done with college. Janet has come with us a couple of times too. The Nutcracker Market basically starts the holiday season for us because it is all Christmas themed. It's held at Reliant Center and it's rows and rows of booths selling everything from yummy holiday type foods, holiday decorations, clothes, jewlery, etc. But it's not crap. It's all cute, unique stuff that you don't find anywhere else from smaller companies. Well, I can't lie, we do laugh about the crazy clothes they all furred, sequined, and bedazzled up. This is our girls thing to do though, and we always have a good time hanging out together. I'm sure this year will be no different. Now, I have to go shower and get ready to go!

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Carol said...

Hey sweetie, I had a great time at the Nutcracker Market. I always look forward to our time together!!

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