Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting Thought

I was having a "post-election" conversation with a close friend of mine the other night and I thought he had some interesting thoughts. He broke his vote down to me very simply. What he said was, he based his vote based on his religious and moral beliefs. He told me that when the day comes and he stands in front of God and is asked for an account of his life, he felt like he couldn't tell God that he voted for someone based on their tax plan or where they stood on Iraq. He needed to vote for someone based on something greater i.e. where they stood on moral and religious issues.

Now I found this thought process rather interesting. While I did vote partially on my moral beliefs, I can't say that was extensively why I voted the way I did. But I've gotta say that I was impressed b/c my friend took partisanship out of the equation and got down to the one thing that is important to him(and I think is important to a lot of people), his religion and his moral beliefs. And those of you who are reading this that are Christians know as well that one day as a Christian, we will all be asked to give an account of our life in front of God.

My friend never told me specifically who he voted for, but I feel like I know. Do you think you know? If you do, why is that?


afoos said...

If it were technically possible, I would say that your friend voted for both candidates, as both have strong moral beliefs based on Christianity and that all Christians out there, whomever they voted for, can be very content with their decisions and how they would relay that to God, given the opportunity to stand in front of Him. I am guessing your friend probably voted based on other issues as well, since both candidates follow the Christian doctrine and it would be hard to make a decision based solely on the religious aspect.

Tony and Beth said...

Saying and doing are two completely different things and while it easy to say you follow Christian doctrine, your actions must back this up. Take out what each candidate professed and match up their stances with Christian beliefs and the answer is simple. When it comes down to it, someone's religious beliefs are between them and God, but typically someone's beliefs are followed up by their actions.

My friend feels in his heart that he voted for the right person. It's not for me to say. In fact, this isn't a place for an argument at all. His beliefs are just that, his beliefs and I respect that. If you want to argue whether he's right or wrong, feel free, but you'll be arguing with yourself. I don't need the last word. Because as was stated in the post, when it comes to Christianity, it's between you and God.

afoos said...

I'm not trying to argue anything or to say if your friend is right or wrong. Whoever you choose to vote for, you are right in doing so. That's the beauty of democracy. So, please don't think that I'm saying that your friend's choice was wrong.

You launched a question at the end of your blog and unless it was rhetorical, as a commenter, I am answering what I think. I'm just saying that from a purely moral and religious standpoint, it would be very difficult for me to to choose one candidate over the other, since both of them are practicing Christians and very active in their Christian faiths. And, since your friend says that he chose based on his moral and religious beliefs and what he thought God would want, I am sure he, too, struggled with this very difficult decision, as both candidates are such strong believers.

Keith M. said...

Interesting post. I think a lot of Obama supporters believe in their gut that he is a devout Christian. But claiming you are a devout Christian and backing it up with your actions are completely different. Some of Obama's stances seem to go against the Bible and Christian doctrine. How you choose to interpret the Bible is your choice but you can't pick and choose your beliefs when it comes to the Bible. I don't think any of us are to judge where either candidate ultimately stands religiously, but take out their claims and look at their actions. Do Obama's stances(his actions) on issues match up with Christian theology?

From what I've gathered from talking to other devout Christians about this election, I have a feeling your friend voted for John McCain.

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