Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This is our first married Thanksgiving, and I have to admit, not much different than last year. I got all kinds of questions about making my first Thanksgiving meal and had a good laugh about that one because of course we went and ate at my parents' house. Tony had to work tonight, so we had an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was more like lunch. We assisted a little bit with the meal and played some Wii. Stacy brought her Wii and has taught us how to play Rockstar, Tiger Woods Golf, and Guitar Hero. It's actually really funny because I have horrible hand-eye coordination. So everyone got a good laugh at my trying to play these games. After Tony went to work, I stayed and hung out with my family. We played our favorite card game. (I got to introduce it to Tony's family when we were in Italy last Christmas.) After cards, a little more Wii and then the Texas/Texas A&M game. Since Janet goes to A&M it's now a family rivalry game...well not really because Janet doesn't care that much. However, we all watched the game together and ate some snacks and more pie. It was an overall great Thanksgiving, the whole family was home and we just got to spend some time just hanging out. Of course, if Tony didn't have to work, it would have been better, but that's just the way it is right now.

A Feast

Mom & Tony working on the turkey

Tony on the drums, Tay on the guitar

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afoos said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I remember that card game- so much fun!

Looks like you guys had lots of yummy food.

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