Friday, November 28, 2008

Are We Crazy?

That is what we were thinking when we arrived at the local Target at 6 am this morning! I've never in my life been one of those that rushed out to the store to get the big savings and whatever the stores offer to those early morning shoppers. I just don't like the crowds and really never needed a TV, DVD player, etc. that they usually offer the big discounts on. This year we were drawn to Target at 6 am to get Seasons 2 and 3 of The Office on DVD for $15. No big ticket items for us...just DVDs. We got 4 DVDs for the price of 1 of those items regular price. Anyways, we really would not have gone if it wasn't for Tony getting off work at 5 am. He got home around 5:30, woke me up around 6 and off we went. He's been wanting those DVDs for awhile, so in the end it was worth it. I couldn't believe the full shopping carts and all the people there though. I just couldn't be that into it that early in the morning. After our big shopping trip this morning, we came home and went back to bed!

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