Sunday, September 21, 2008

Janet's Ring Dunk

This will be the most maroon you ever see on our website! Janet, being the Aggie that she is, celebrated her senior year by getting her class ring. The tradition is to dunk your ring in a pitcher of beer and then you are official. Us longhorns and sooners won't pretend that we understand this tradition, but we play along! Tony had to work on Saturday, so I went with my parents to College Station where Janet and a group of her sorority sisters had a tailgate before the football game where they all dunked their rings. They had tons of food and a lot of people were there to celebrate. We had some good BBQ and watched Janet drink her mini-pitcher. I guess the tradition is a little more liberal for girls...most of them barely had their pitchers half way full, so they don't have to drink as much. We went to the game afterwards. I sat out the yells and all that good stuff, but still managed to enjoy the game and hanging out with the family & Janet's friends. So, congratulations to Janet on being a senior!! I know she'll enjoy her last year, especially now that she has that shiny gold ring on her finger.

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