Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Up With Stacy

It seems like quite frequently these days, Beth and I get a lot of questions about Stacy and what she's up to with her golf. Because Stacy is so busy and has a lot of stuff going on, it's hard to keep people up to date in a few words. I figured I would instead post a few of the things she's been up to on our website to catch everyone up.

Follow Stacy this week at the Navistar LPGA Classic by clicking here: Follow Stacy

Stacy played last week in the Bell Micro LPGA tournament in Mobile, Alabama. Stacy finished in a tie for 28th. Check out the results here

Stacy in Mobile

Stacy played in the first round of LPGA qualifying school last week. Click below to read how she did.
Stacy at Qualifying School

Other news:
Stacy signs deal with Mizuno

Stacy in Alabama

NCAA Honors

Check out Stacy's new website below.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off For a Week

Today begins the biggest advantage to my working shift work. I am off from today until next Tuesday night. I kind of got lucky and missed three days of work because of the hurricane. I came back last Friday, worked four, twelve hour days in a row and am now off for a week. It sounds pretty easy to work four days in a row and then get a week off, but I would challenge anyone to work those four days and not be worn out by the end. Those four days consist of waking up at 3:15 a.m., leaving the house no later than 3:45, getting to work around 4:30 a.m., and working until 5 p.m. By the time I get home it is usually at least 6 p.m. and I've been gone for over 14 hours. I basically take a shower, eat something, watch tv for a little while and then I have to be in bed to do it all over again. It's not too much fun while I'm doing it but I can't complain because now I'm off for a week.

We still have no power at our house and are staying with Beth's parents up in The Woodlands. Hopefully by the end of this week we will have power but who knows. Keep your fingers crossed. Until then, it's been great staying with Beth's parents. I'm a pretty lucky guy to have great in-laws.

Beth and I have a pretty busy week ahead of us. My friend Shawn Barker called yesterday and asked if I wanted tickets to the Astros game on Thursday night. I told him of course so we invited a couple that we have been hanging out with from church named Mike and Krista. They are about our age and it's nice to hangout with another married couple who is in the same boat we are(without kids).

On Saturday, Beth and I are going to Austin for the Texas/Arkansas football game. I obviously don't like Texas, but am a huge college football fan and just going to the game will be great. The way Arkansas has been playing this year, it may not be a very good game, but we'll see.

Then on Sunday we are going to another Astros game with Shawn who will be in town with his nephew. They are playing the Braves and since I was born in Atlanta and saw the Braves play in the World Series back in the 90s, I always love a chance to see them play. Other than that, I'm just going to relax and enjoy being able to hangout with Beth while not being exhausted from work. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Houston after Hurricane Ike, but places are either still closed or close early and the grocery stores aren't fully stocked yet. In fact, Beth and I haven't been able to find ice cream at the grocery stores. What is the world coming to? A world without ice cream is no world at all in my book.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Janet's Ring Dunk

This will be the most maroon you ever see on our website! Janet, being the Aggie that she is, celebrated her senior year by getting her class ring. The tradition is to dunk your ring in a pitcher of beer and then you are official. Us longhorns and sooners won't pretend that we understand this tradition, but we play along! Tony had to work on Saturday, so I went with my parents to College Station where Janet and a group of her sorority sisters had a tailgate before the football game where they all dunked their rings. They had tons of food and a lot of people were there to celebrate. We had some good BBQ and watched Janet drink her mini-pitcher. I guess the tradition is a little more liberal for girls...most of them barely had their pitchers half way full, so they don't have to drink as much. We went to the game afterwards. I sat out the yells and all that good stuff, but still managed to enjoy the game and hanging out with the family & Janet's friends. So, congratulations to Janet on being a senior!! I know she'll enjoy her last year, especially now that she has that shiny gold ring on her finger.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Are Safe

It has been an interesting last few days for Beth and I. It started last Thursday when Beth found out that she didn't have school and I found out that the terminal I work at would be closing at noon on Friday. I was supposed to be off work Friday anyway so it didn't really matter to me, but I was excited that Beth was going to be home too. We spent Friday just doing our normal stuff. We kept an eye on the weather throughout the day and were thinking that we were probably going to get hit with some of Hurricane Ike. Little did we know that the eye of the storm would basically go right over our house.

As we were watching CNN around 7 p.m. Friday night a viewer from Spring, TX(where we live) wrote in asking what kind of winds to expect. The meteorologist said 95+ mph winds. When Beth and I heard that we kind of freaked a little bit. We weren't expecting this at all. So before we went to bed, we took all of the couch cushions and a bunch of blankets and put them in the closet of our bedroom which is probably 5 ft. by 8 ft. and easily big enough for the both of us to sleep. We decided to set the alarm for 2 a.m. and get in the closet if we needed to. At about 1:30 a.m., Beth and I turned to each other(we couldn't sleep b/c of the constant winds and rain outside) and said, "you ready to get in the closet?" So we jumped up, got in the closet and about 20 minutes later, the power went out.

Needless to say, it was a wild night. And we were glad when it finally got light outside the next morning. Fortunately for us we had no real damage to our house and we were both safe. We spent Saturday checking everything out and figuring out how people ever lived without electricity. Here we are on Tuesday and we still have no power. We were also without running water for part of the day on Sunday. Our cell phones barely work and you can't find a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas anywhere.

We went to College Station on Sunday night b/c they have power and gas and all of their restaurants are open. So we enjoyed a hot meal at Cheddar's and saw Janet(Beth's sister) for a few minutes. Beth's parents came back from Mobile, Alabama yesterday and we spent yesterday trying to help them get all of the debris picked up from their front and back yards. Some pictures of the damage are below. Last night we found a Mexican restaurant open and it took nearly three hours for us to eat. After we had ordered, they made an announcement that they were out of food. Luckily we got our food, but they ran out of everything else. They did have cold beer though which Beth's Dad and I both enjoyed immensely. After that we met up with some friends at TGI Friday's to watch part of the Monday night football game. Because of the curfew being enforced all over Houston, Friday's had to close at 9, but luckily we found another place open showing the game and only serving drinks. Technically they were breaking the law by staying open, but who cares, we got to watch the game and relax for a little while. Who knows when our power will be back on. Tonight we're going back to College Station. Beth is off work all week and I don't have to be back at work until Friday. I'd say it's been a nice vacation but I feel like I need a vacation now. Thanks to everyone for all of your phone calls and well wishes.

I am writing from Beth's Mom's office right now and who knows when I'll be able to get on a computer again. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike is Coming

We officially have a hurricane coming our way. Ike is predicted to hit late Friday into Saturday morning. We are supposed to have lots of wind and rain. They cancelled school tomorrow and Tony's terminal closed down until Sunday. He was supposed to work on Saturday too. Looks like we're going to have a long weekend. Hopefully the weather won't be too bad. We haven't gone crazy at the grocery store though, so hopefully if we lose power we'll have enough food or whatever. My Mom told me she heard that people were getting into fights at the grocery store over bread! Long lines and gas stations running out of regular gas too. Just like what happened with hurricane Rita a couple of years ago. We'll be waiting and watching the TV to see what's going to happen.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Nights Begin

I got promoted at work a few weeks ago and while that is a very good thing, it also means that I'm going to be doing shift work for a while. Shift work means I'll work 14 days a month, 7 days and 7 nights. Each shift is 12 hours. This week I start working nights. The next four nights I'll go to work at 5 p.m. and get off work at 5 a.m. This means that for the next four days, I will probably only see Beth for a combined 2 hours or so. When I get home from work, she'll be on her way to work and when she gets home from work, I'll already be gone to work. We are definitely going to have to get used to this new schedule, but if you can get past the 7 nights that I have to work a month, it's a pretty good deal. Instead of driving to work 20+ times a month, I'm now driving only 14. Instead of having 8 days off a month, I'll now get 15 off including 7 days in a row off every month. I'm hoping this will allow Beth and I to get a little extra travel time in next summer when she's off work. Anyway, tonight's my first night and I hope it goes well....I'll be missing my new bride the whole time!

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